15 Funny History Memes That Could Be Used In History Class

History is special, in that it truly doesn’t give a crap if its truths make us uncomfortable. It’s over and done; there’s no changing it (unless you’re a revisionist, but that’s a whole separate post), so when things are awful, embarrassing, or destructive – too bad!

History doesn’t forget, and thanks to the Internet and these amazing memes, neither will you.

15. You’d think people would learn. And yet…

14. Sadly, my money is still on the rodent.

13. With every vice, there’s always that one bit too much.

12. I guess we’ve never been what you would call a nation of rule followers. #understatements

11. Sold!

10. The truth, it burrrnnnnns.

9. Yep. Still too soon.

8. I mean, if the shoe fits…

7. He wasn’t wrong.

6. I feel like this is so, so accurate.

5. Everyone knows Switzerland dgaf.

4. Stereotyping saves lives during war.

3. The Switzerland jokes are endless. But the Swiss still dgaf.

2. Literal LOL over here.

1. At least from the colonial period on, yep.

h/t: Bored Panda

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