15 Incredible and Eye-Catching Gravity-Defying Sculptures

Photo Credit: Adrian Gray

Art at its best does a lot of things, but making us see things a different way should always be one of them. These 15 sculptures do exactly that, with impressive, gravity-defying tricks that will have you doing your best imitation of a dog trying to understand what its owner is saying about that bacon frying on the stove.

#15. “Wursa” by Daniel Firman

Photo Credit: Daniel Firman

#14. “Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder” by Alex Chinneck

Photo Credit: Alex Chinneck

#13. “Book Sculptures” by Alicia Martin

Photo Credit: Alicia Martin

#12. “Balancing Sculptures” by Jerzy Kedziora

Photo Credit: Jerzy Kedziora

#11. “The Virgins of Apeldoorn” by Elisabet Stienstra

Photo Credit: Elisabet Stienstra

#10. “The Forces of Nature” by Lorenzo Quinn

Photo Credit: Lorenzo Quinn

#9. “Trans I Re” by Fredrik Raddum

Photo Credit: Fredrik Raddum

#8. “Les Voyageurs” by Bruno Catalano

Photo Credit: Bruno Catalano

#7. “De Vaartkapoen” by Tom Frantzen

Photo Credit: Tom Frantzen

#6. “Car Sculptures” by Gerry Judah

Photo Credit: Gerry Judah

#5. “Wire Fairies” by Robin Wright

Photo Credit: Robin Wright

#4. “Floating Stone” by Smaban Abbas

Photo Credit: Smaban Abbas

#3. “Wurf VI” by Anna Borgman and Candy Lenk

#2. “Window With Ladder – Too Late For Help” by Leandro Erlich

Photo Credit: Leandro Erlich

#1. “Pentateuque” by Fabien Merelle

Photo Credit: Instagram

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