15 Irritating Plot Holes That Just May Ruin Your Favorite Movie Forever

Image Credit: Disney

There are plot holes that go mostly unnoticed, where our brains just skip over the hiccup and pick up the stories and characters seamlessly on the other side, and then there are plot holes (like the ones that absolutely litter Frozen, omg) that make it impossible for us to take a movie seriously any longer.

Or if you’re me, make you rage every time someone tells you how Frozen is their favorite Disney movie.

But I digress.

Here are 15 movies with plot holes so gaping you’ll never be able to unsee them. Fair warning.

#15. The Hangover

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

I know, I know, why even bother having this movie make sense? While that may be true, they could have made it a tad more believable by realizing that there’s not one single inch of a Vegas hotel and casino that’s not caught on video camera.

Someone would have seen and checked on Doug long before two days had elapsed.

#14. The Maze Runner

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

The kids spend time lamenting how they have tried “everything” to get out of the crevasse and say specifically that they can’t use the ivy because it doesn’t go all the way to the top.

Except it clearly does, in just about every wide shot of that scene and others. Oops.

#13. Frozen

Image Credit: Disney

Here’s one of many: the gates were shut to prevent word of Elsa’s powers from getting to the world outside.

So why did Anna have to stay locked inside the castle inside the city? Answer: she didn’t.

#12. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Image Credit: Lionsgate

Haymitch says early in the serious that there are “career tributes” from Districts 1 and 2 and that the tributes from those districts have won the Hunger Games “almost every year.”

So, how are there a living female and male victor from every other district to put up as mentors? Statistically, it shouldn’t be true.

#11. Twilight

Image Credit: Lionsgate

Victoria, a vampire who wants to kill Bella Swan, appears twice in the end frames of the movie. It’s been established that Edward can hear the thoughts of people in close vicinity, so why doesn’t he hear hers and do something about it sooner?

Not such a big hero now, huh?

#10. Armageddon

Image Credit: Disney

Okay, so there are probably multiple plot holes in this fun but ridiculous romp, but the biggest one is that it would have been far easier for NASA to train astronauts to drill than the other way around – a fact that Affleck actually pointed out during the filming process but was told to shut up and keep working on his fake crying.

I made the last part up, but the rest is true.

So is the fact that you’ll still watch and enjoy this movie, because there’s no way to take it seriously from the get-go.

#9. Ant-Man

Image Credit: Disney

This is a big one. Ant-Man is told explicitly – more than once – that his mass doesn’t change even though he gets small.

How, then, can actual ants (or any small insect) support his weight, even in a group? They can’t.

#8. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

When Ron finds Harry on the Hogwart’s Express and says that everywhere else is full – how can that be true if Harry is sitting alone in a compartment for 6 people?

Personally, I think Ron just wanted an excuse to meet the infamous Harry Potter. Who wouldn’t?

#7. Wonder Woman

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Oh, the sword-concealing blue dress. Think on this one: the dress flies off while she’s riding a horse, revealing her Wonder Woman costume underneath…

But there’s no way she was wearing the costume underneath, since it’s cut much higher and would have been easily seen.

#6. The Day After Tomorrow

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

The skyscrapers (and everything else) are covered in about 10 feet of snow and ice…

So how did people manage to get out onto the roof to be rescued at the end?

#5. Toy Story

Image Credit: Disney

If Buzz Lightyear thinks he’s real and not a toy, why does he freeze around the humans like the other toys?


#4. Cinderella

Image Credit: Disney

A question for the ages – why don’t Cinderella’s slippers, which are part of the enchantment, also turn back into dingy flats at the stroke of midnight?

I don’t know about you, but I can forgive this one with the explanation that the fairy godmother knows what she’s doing and is basically setting the two up the entire time.

#3. The Dark Knight Rises

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Bane keeps the entirety of the police force (which, you know, presents some problems in and of itself) trapped in underground tunnels for months before Batman rescues them.

They’re all healthy, clean, shaven, and somehow, you know. Not dead.

#2. Signs

Image Credit: Disney

If the aliens are afraid of or hurt by water, as is revealed in the end, how were they running through a dew-covered cornfield at the film’s outset?


#1. Gone Girl

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

After Amy returns, she spends time at the hospital being examined by doctors. Since only about a month has passed since she was “attacked,” they should find it suspicious (at best) that she bears no scars or evidence of such a brutal attack.

And you thought she thought of everything.