15 Jobs That Probably Won’t Exist In 20 Years

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The world is changing, and fast. There are countless jobs out there that weren’t even on people’s radars 20 years ago, but what jobs today might be obsolete themselves 20 years in the future?

These 15 Redditors have some ideas!

15. What’s that job called again?

Hopefully, that job where that dude stands in the men’s room of a bar and squirts soap into your hands, and hands you a paper towel, expecting a tip.

I don’t hate the guy who does that job, but I loathe the fact that that job exists and that I’m forced to choose between wasting money, looking like a jerk and stiffing the guy, or taking the loophole and not washing my hands.

14. Except for Family Video…

Video store employees.

13. Never mind the papers themselves.

It’s me again, just lonely here, thinking bout the paperboy, wondering when he’s gonna bring me some good news

12. What about Facebook, though?

Any job related to Facebook.

11. Selling things over the phone at all?

My current job may not exist in 5 years, so I am not sure that counts.

I sell reference titles over the phone, specifically print reference titles. I suspect that with the current flow of technology this company may only be around for another 3 – 5 years.

10. The sticker-slapper.

Ever watch “How’s Its Made” and there’s this complicated ass machine literally piecing together and building some kind of complicated product.

There are arms grabbing, and lasers cutting, belts moving things, and just miracle after miracle of modern automation.

Then there’s this dude who moves the finished product into a box and slaps a label on.

And the viewer wonders why the fuck did they need a person to do that lousy step?

That job doesn’t stand a chance.

9. They even charge you to do it yourself, so.

That asshole you have to wait a week for from the cable company just to plug in a box for an exorbitant fee.

8. Pretty sure this is already happening.

BlackBerry tech support.

7. I like your hope and optimism.

I hope jobs in general won’t exist in 10-20 years. Wall-E.

Edit: Oh my…what have I started.

6. No one to kill you (at least on the ride home).

Taxi Drivers.

Hopefully in 20 years autonomous cars will mean we can go to the pub, get drunk and drive home safely.

The computerized cars might have to be programmed to understand slurred words and mistyped commands though!

5. At least you’re aware.


I am a switchboard operator, a dying breed.

4. They’re already down to like, 1 real person an exit.

Toll Collectors.

3. Do you want to trust a remote control with your life, though?

Train Engineers.

My father is one and complains about the newer remote controlled trains taking jobs every day.

2. As we know them, anyway.

Weed dealers will become obsolete quite soon.

1. Fingers crossed for this one to miss the list.

I’m really sad to say this – but I hope that libraries are still operational in 10-20 years. Maybe bookstores too.

I think that while everybody says, ‘no way, books will be around forever, blablabla’ there is also the fact that libraries run on public funding and there has been legislation that continuously cuts hours and shuts down libraries.

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