15 Funny, Random Jokes We Found That Made Us Laugh


Seriously. If you don’t crack a smile or give me a laugh at one or more of these, well…something’s wrong with you, my friend. It’s not an insult. Just a fact.


15. Omgggggggg

Photo Credit: Twitter,margeincharge

14. THEY DO!

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13. Don’t mess with a hungry cat.

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12. This is a real life picture of me whenever there are deviled eggs in the vicinity.

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11. The only appropriate response…

10. Yeah, Debra. Lol.

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9. Damn kids get away with murder.

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8. When observations are perfectly on point

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7. “If you look very closely.” HA.

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6. I mean, it was an excellent movie.

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5. Mobility is key.

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4. I always wanted to go to private school.

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3. Seriously. Just say left or right.

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2. It’s on the internet, it must be true.

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1. Saved the best for last!

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