15 Jokes for Anyone Who Can’t Get Enough of ‘Hamilton’

And I mean honestly, who can get enough of Hamilton these days?

Now that we can watch it at home on Disney+, isn’t that what we’re all doing like…all the time? Just me?

It cannot be, sirs.

If you’re obsessing over Lin Manuel Miranda’s masterpiece as much as the next person (or more), you’re going to adore every last one of these 15 jokes.

15. I read this in Jefferson’s voice.

Which makes everything more irreverent and funny.


14. I think we can all agree that what we really need is another musical.

All about the Schuyler sisters, please.


13. This is a whole mood.

And a damn good one, too.


12. A good dog and a good pun?

Be still my heart.


11. Funny how well it works, isn’t it?

Maybe things don’t ever really change.


10. I would say this definitely happened.

Come at me with your arguments.


9. I had this exact same thought.

I mean, we all just go with it because swoooooon.

8. Nope, it’s definitely too soon.

Why are men such idiots?!


7. I wonder if he ever admitted to it.

Probably not, I would guess.


6. It didn’t take Jefferson long to figure this out.

The answer is always yes.


5. If you don’t adore Jonathan Groff are you even alive?

The answer is obviously no.

4. I think most teachers would get it now.

Teachers are people, too, and people love Hamilton.


3. And you’re related omg.

How might you be able to fix that?


2. If you’re not scream-singing this what are you even doing with your life?

Seriously I want to know because how is it anything other than listening to Hamilton?


1. This is where it all started.

You can see how the brilliance came about, then.

These are almost too clever for words, y’all!

Tell me the part of Hamilton that’s your favorite! I know you want to talk more about it (and so do I)!