15 Jokes Only a True Homebody Will Understand


I feel like the stigma around being a homebody is starting to fade. After all, going out in public these days is overrated – there are people out there, you might get shot, and at the moment, it’s like walking around in a wet fart it’s so hot outside.

Sorry, but it’s true.

Know what else is true? These jokes. So, so, true.

15. Bwahaha, best dinner party ever

Photo Credit: Twitter,Playing_Dad

14. The picture is the best part of this tweet

Photo Credit: Twitter,gossiped

13. But maybe one that only takes out the bad people? I’m not a monster.

Photo Credit: Twitter,MeerahSiraj

12. Words are so important

Photo Credit: Twitter,Eden_Eats

11. That second picture though

Photo Credit:Twitter,tbhjuststop

10. When it might be an excuse, but it’s also really true

9. I may resemble this remark. And also the photo.

8. Only every time I go out

Photo Credit: Twitter,almostkanye

7. And it takes all of your willpower not to turn around and go home? Nope…never happened to me…

Photo Credit: Twitter,apunkgrl

6. The fine line between prison and house arrest is hard to find

Photo Credit: Twitter,robfee

5. The introvert’s ‘Sophie’s Choice’

4. What if this happens to you every time though?

Photo Credit: Twitter,MafiosoRo

3. Bwahahaha, he went gray

2. Anyone who says that’s not fun is no friend of mine

Photo Credit: Twitter,jennaezarik

1. When you accidentally say what’s in your head without meaning to

Photo Credit: Twitter,bobvulfov

h/t: Buzzfeed

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