15 Jokes from Twitter That Are Funny in All the Right Ways


Need to put a little smile on your face today?

Put your work aside, take a few minutes to read these funny, clever tweets, and get your day back on the right track.

1. Dedicated to his job.

Photo Credit: Twitter,Chelsea_Elle

2. Amber, you’ve got a point!

Photo Credit: Twitter,AmberTozer

3. Oh snap!

Photo Credit: Twitter,kashanacauley

4. Elegance? Hmmm….

Photo Credit: Twitter,faithchoyce

5. What a creeeeeeeep

Photo Credit: Twitter,usedwigs

6. Brent never knew what hit him.

Photo Credit: Twitter,LizHackett

7. Spills! Spills! Spills!

Photo Credit: Twitter,TheThomason

8. Yeah, what’s up with that brain?!?

Photo Credit: Twitter,NicCageMatch

9. Anything “Ultra” isn’t beer.

Photo Credit: Twitter,70Ceeks

10. That’s just how Betty White do…

Photo Credit: Twitter,OhNoSheTwitnt

11. Even Satan gets embarrassed

12. Mave wants something most of us don’t…

Photo Credit: Twitter,MavenofHonor

13. Incoming calllllll…

Photo Credit: Twitter,nattylumpo88

14. Jess is a devil and an angel

Photo Credit: Twitter,jessokfine

15. Something’s afoot!

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