15 Kids Who Insulted Adults Really Bad

Image Credit: Pixabay

Anyone who has kids or who has spent any time with kids knows that – for better or for worse – they are unfailingly honest.

It’s mostly that they haven’t really figured out the whole “lying to make people feel better” thing, but it’s also partly that they genuinely don’t care about your feelings.

It’s refreshing…most of the time. I’m not sure I would have survived any of these 15 encounters without at least a couple of tears.

15. In what way, exactly? I have questions.

“I used to be a nanny for a little boy. One day, while I was looking at my reflection in a mirror, he came up behind me and whispered, ‘You look like Shrek.'” —amberlilyb

14. It’s good logic, I guess. So that’s something.

“My 8-year-old son suggested I dye my hair a very bright color — that way people wouldn’t be looking at how fat I was, they’d be looking at my hair.” —gemma13

13. You only really need to be concerned if she’s clairvoyant.

“I was driving my 5-year-old niece home after spending the day with her. Out of nowhere she said, ‘Lala, I’m so sad for you. You’re never going to get married and you live alone.'” —laurena4f5591b42

12. It’s better when you hide your face. Ha!

“My little cousin asked me why I didn’t wear contacts, and I said, ‘Because I feel like I look better with glasses on.’ She asked me to take my glasses off, and when I did she said, ‘Yeah, you’re right.'” —mel321

11. She’s going to be famous.

“My friend’s daughter drew a very detailed picture of me sitting on the couch having coffee with a messy bun and my neck fat lines.” —emilyroseberg

10. It takes some chutzpah to straight up ask someone if they’re an alien.

“I had a kid at work ask me if I was an elf disguised as a human because my ears are so big.” —karab467e5ec81

9. Sick burn, kid. Yikes.

“My nephew said, ‘I like butterflies, flowers, rainbows and hearts.’ My friend then asked, ‘What about your aunt?’ My nephew said, ‘No. I like beautiful things.’” —juliac4749950b2

8. Well, that gives you something to work on. He’s helpful!

“My older sister was trying to hype me up about my dating life, so I jokingly asked, ‘OK so why am I still single then?’ My 5-year-old nephew, who was walking past us, said, ‘Cause you’re boring and have no friends.'” —chanl

7. You’ve never been embarrassed until you’ve taken a young child into a public dressing room and/or bathroom.

 “My friend’s 5-year-old made up a song about her mom’s ‘long boobs’ while my friend was trying on bathing suits.” —katem46ab993ed

6. It’s time for someone to learn we don’t touch without asking.

“I recently lost a considerable amount of weight and have loose skin. My 4-year-niece brought her friend over to me, lifted up my shirt, and said, ‘See, I told you she’s melting.’ I wear Spanx now when I see her.” —r4732565ca

5. You gotta love his manners, though.

“My 5-year-old held the door open for me when I was carrying groceries into the house, so I said, ‘Thanks, buddy.’ He replied, ‘I’m helping the elderly.’ I’m 27.” —chelsr2

4. Tell me how you really feel.

“I was on the bus with an 11-year-old girl I was nannying when she pointed out a woman sitting across from us and said, ‘Look, she has the same haircut as you! But you see, it looks good on her.'” —carolinemariegillespie

3. Okay now that’s just rude.

“My mom came back from the dentist and told us she had sensitive teeth because she had bone loss. My 8-year-old sister replied, ‘You have everything loss, bone loss, hair loss, sight loss, everything but weight loss.'” —xkgggx

2. Yeah and that’s why you should listen to me.

“I used to work at a daycare and a sassy little girl named Arya once told me I have the face of a monster.” —chelseah30

1. I’ve always suspected, but come on. LIE.

“My 4-year-old niece was watching me put makeup on. When I finished, she said, ‘You look pretty with makeup on.’ I said, “Oh, do I not look pretty without makeup?’ To which she replied, ‘No.'” —annar84

I mean, yikes. You want the truth? Ask a child under the age of 10.

Has your kid ever brought you to your knees with an insult? Share it below!