15 Funny Airport And Travel Memes That Are Painfully Accurate

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Travel is one of those things people love to do even though the process can be tedious and best, and stressful at worst. We’re late, transportation is late, there are tons of rules to follow, and on and on – so maybe the best way to get through it is to be able to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

To that end, here are 15 memes to get you through the most challenging of travel days.

15. What if someone put it there? Just ask Bridget Jones!

14. Good clean living.

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13. Are you sure that’s correct?

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12. It really is beautiful up here.

11. Yes, I’m sure that took care of it.

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10. This would have freaked me out, too.

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9. They’re a dystopian reality.

8. Huh. I guess it really does fix everything.

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7. They should lodge a complaint.

No one should have to wait 458 days for their luggage. from funny

6. When you realize true evil exists in the world.

5. Well played, madam.

4. Seriously, do you want people to hate you?

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3. And getting shorter every day.

What airlines think humans look like from funny

2. I also might need three pairs of underwear every day.

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1. It’s a good idea so they’ll never do it.

I know it can be a lot to deal with, but I still can’t wait until the next time I can get away!

What’s you favorite (or worst) story about traveling? Share it with us in the comments!