15 Moments From ‘Harry Potter’ Movies That Aren’t In The Books

Most of the time, movies that are adapted from books get criticized for not living up to the book’s standards. But every now and then, the movie version of the book actually adds something extra to the story. A little oomph that’s unexpected.

That’s certainly the case with the “Harry Potter” movies, adapted from the hit book series by J.K. Rowling. People had a lot of feelings about instances where the movie really outshone the book:

1. Harry Loves Magic

“In The Goblet of Fire when Harry says, ‘I love magic.’…Us too, Harry, us too.”


2. Lighting Their Wands

“The lighting of the wands after Dumbledore’s death to show respect.

Maggie Smith and Gemma Jones’ expressions just make it so much sadder.”


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3. Dancing Lessons

“The dancing lessons in Goblet of Fire make me laugh every time.

It’s a great laugh amid a very serious plot, and Ron’s expression while dancing with Professor McGonagall is priceless!”


4. Getting Closer

“In Prisoner of Azkaban when Ron and Hermione are at the Shrieking Shack.

She says, ‘Should we move closer?’ and Ron gets nervous thinking she means closer to each other. It gives a glimpse into the beginning of their romance.”


5. Dudley Disappears

“I like in The Sorcerer’s Stone when they’re at the zoo.

The glass disappears, and Dudley falls in the cage and gets trapped.

In the books, the glass disappears, but Dudley doesn’t fall in.

I know it isn’t a big difference, but I think it’s a really funny moment in the movies that gives Dudley what he deserves for bullying Harry, and it should have been in the books.”


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6. Standing Up to Snap

“Harry standing up to Snape in front of the whole school.

Snape asks anyone with information about Harry’s whereabouts to step forward, and out walks Harry like a total legend.”


7. First Kiss

“I love seeing Ron and Hermione actually killing the Horcrux in the Chamber of Secrets and then having their first kiss there.

In the book, we only hear them talk about it, and then their first kiss is after, in front of Harry. I like that the movie can take us away from Harry and show Ron and Hermione sharing a private moment.”


8. Hermione’s parents

“In Deathly Hallows Part 1, we see Hermione Obliviating her parents and her picture disappearing from the frames.

It’s such a beautiful scene with beautiful music. In the book, we know it happens, but it’s just mentioned. It was nice to see it play out — kicking things off with some emotion.”


9. Snape’s Stare

“My husband’s favorite line that always gets me, too, is in The Half-Blood Prince when Snape tells Harry that Dumbledore is away.

Then, when Harry asks where he’s gone, Snape just stares for a second and walks away.

Alan Rickman was just *chef’s kiss*!”


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10. Elder Wand

“Harry breaking the Elder Wand was beautiful. He knew the world would be better off without it.

If it was broken, there would be no chance of anyone being seduced by its power.”


11. Sirius’ Moment

“In Order of the Phoenix, Harry confides in Sirius and says he’s scared he’s becoming bad.

Sirius tells him he’s not a bad person, he’s a very good person who bad things have happened to.

It shows a very vulnerable moment, whereas in the book, Sirius shrugs it off as Harry just needing rest.”


12. Luna Helps

“Instead of Tonks (like in the books), Luna finds immobile Harry under his Invisibility Cloak after Malfoy’s attack.

Her iconic Spectrespecs sense Wrackspurts around Harry’s head. It’s sweet the way Luna’s wackiness is what saves Harry.

When Harry apologizes for missing the carriages, she responds how it’s fine because it ‘feels like having a friend.’ Harry says, ‘I am your friend, Luna!’ It’s a sweet moment.”

—Jamie Brianne Hill

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13. Playful Banter

“I love it when Hermione hits Harry in the head with a book after he says he’s the Chosen One.”


14. Bumbling Baboons

“I love the part when Professor McGonagall says, ‘I will not have you acting like a babbling bumbling band of baboons.’

I just love the look on her face after she says that.”


15. Dumbledor’s Applause

“When Hagrid returns from Azkaban, Dumbledore leads a poignant round of applause, and it leads to a wave of emotion with Hermione coming to tears.

Since this is the last scene you see with Richard Harris as Dumbledore, I’m glad he leads the clap because it feels like his own personal stamp on the series before his departure.”


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Do you have anything to add to this list? Or, similarly, which parts of the book do you wish the movie producers hadn’t left out?

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