15 More Hamilton Jokes? We Just Can’t Say No to This

I’ll admit it, I’m completely ‘Helpless’ when it comes to Hamilton jokes. I just can’t get over how they ‘Blow Us All Away.’ Sometimes, it seems like I’ll just never be ‘Satisfied’ when it comes to witty riffs on the ten dollar ‘Founding Father.’

Obviously, I have listened to the cast album on repeat. But how could anyone not? It’s the catchiest Pulitzer Prize winner out there.

Here are 15 Hamilton jokes that’ll have you laughing ‘Non-Stop.’

1. That surprise double cast

The youngest child is always full of surprises.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

2. Classic America

There’s some grade-A partisanship going on here. What better drama is there than political conflict?

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3. The truth is in the cards

Maybe this is how Lin comes up with all of his musicals.

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4. The magic of theatre

When fake beards are too sticky and gray hairspray is too tacky – how do you show an audience that time has passed? You make their eyesight worse.

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5. Spot-on character interpretation

I need a virtual production of Hamilton with Nene Leakes as Alexander ASAP. I mean, she was amazing in Chicago.

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6. Age is irrelevant

You think aging a character is difficult? Try having an adult man attempt to convincingly play a nine-year-old.

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7. That good ol’ F-bomb

Not all seven dirty words are equal. Apparently, this one was just too much for the folks at Disney+.

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8. Why do we torture ourselves like this

I must be a masochist, because I do this exact same thing at least twice a week.

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9. The text of a lifetime

We can tell whose priorities are where.

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10.The Simpsons predicted this

Man, Burr really thought he had that election in the bag.

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11. Washington really pushed Hamilton’s buttons

Part of me wishes that this was in the script.

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12. Too relatable

This is exactly what happened to me at the beginning of quarantine.

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13. The fool-proof comeback

America in Hamilton is totally Gen-Z.

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14. If only Daveed Diggs could clone himself

There’s a reason this happened off-stage.

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15. No real friends

Friendship is rough in the late 18th century.

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Ugh, I just love over-simplified historical almost-fiction – especially in musical form. It almost makes a life in 1776 seem appealing – except for the rampant inequality, disease, and other things like that. You know, the basics.

What’s your favorite Hamilton joke? Share with us in the comments below!