15 Teen TV Shows from the 90s We Still Love

Image Credit: NBC Universal

The 90s was packed with amazing television shows – E.R., Friends, Seinfeld, Buffy, you name it – but there were a lot more that came and went without getting the recognition they deserve. Those of us who lived and loved them haven’t forgotten, though, so join me on this trip down memory lane!

#15. Swan’s Crossing

It was the name of a town where the kids were all super rich. It could have been a hit with the Gossip Girl crowd, plus, look – Sarah Michelle Gellar!

#14. Get Real

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg? Yes please!

#13. The Heights 

Image Credit: ABC

Teens form a band called The Heights. Hijinks ensue.

#12. Fifteen

Image Credit: CBS Television

A young Ryan Reynolds starred in this high school drama that tackled some serious issues.

#11. Breaker High

Image Credit: ABC Television

High school on a cruise ship? Yes please! And who’s that looking at us from all the way on the right…

#10. The Secret World of Alex Mack

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

You’d think that with the popularity of superheroes Nickelodeon would be raring to get back to that secret world, in which Alex acquired some interesting powers following a top secret chemical accident.

#9. Weird Science

Image Credit: USA Network

Two boys dating the girl of their dreams on the computer. Not weird at all.

#8. Ready or Not

Image Credit: Disney

It was popular because it was relatable – just two teens doing life.

#7. Popular

Image Credit: ABC Television

Two girls who couldn’t be more opposite are forced to get along when their parents get married…bum bum buummmmm.

#6. Malibu Shores

Keri Russell (and other familiar faces) showed up on this series about uber-rich kids from Malibu who cross paths with working class families from the San Fernando Valley.

#5. Teen Angel

Image Credit: ABC Television

He dies from eating an old hamburger and returns to watch over his best friend. Weird but genuinely fun while it lasted.

#4. Sweet Valley High

Image Credit: Saban Entertainment

These opposite twin sisters were popular book characters and transitioned seamlessly onto the screen. At least, I thought so.

#3. Clueless

Image Credit: CBS Television

It lasted 3 seasons, so you might remember this spin-off.

#2. The Famous Jett Jackson

Image Credit: Disney

This kid actor moves home to have a normal life – I love that trope!

#1. California Dreams

Image Credit: NBC Universal

This was sort of like Saved By The Bell but with a real band? It. Was. Awesome.

I’m not a big fan of reboots but I wouldn’t mind some of these came back around!