15 Movie Buffs Reveal the Tiny Details That Total Ruined a Film (for Them)

Image Credit: Pixabay

The more movies you see, the pickier you become about the details. That’s where the devil lies, after all.

According to these 15 movie buffs, some movies are totally ruined by even the smallest error. Let’s see if you agree.

#15. Plastic

“The baby doll in American Sniper.”

#14. Again!

“The movie “The Muppets: Most Wanted” was originally titled “The Muppets: Again!” It was announced as this title, but was changed at some point in production.

The thing is, it’s so infuriatingly obvious that that was the original title and the “Most Wanted” subtitle was literally racked on.

The first song literally has this lyric:

“We’re doing a sequel. It’s more of the same. Let’s give it a name. How ’bout The Muppets Again? It’s The Muppets Again. With The Muppets again. It’s the Muppets again!”

Are you fucking kidding me?!

There’s also the last song, that is called:

“Together Again, Again” which doesn’t make any sense unless the movie is called the Muppets Again. Which, AGAIN, they literally called the movie in the opening. GAH!

I genuinely think I would have enjoyed the movie monumentally more if not for this small thing…well, debatably small…but, I sort of think it’s small in the grand scheme of things because it has nothing to do with the plot.”

#13. Pronunciation

“The Last Airbender is arguably the worst big budget film ever made, and it has a huge list of serious flaws that ruin the movie, but in the first like thirty seconds there was a small detail that doesn’t really matter but immediately ruined it…

This movie, based on a TV show with a motivated and passionate fan base, changed the pronunciation of basically every main character’s name. It honestly doesn’t matter, but it made me wince every time someone said a name.”

#12. Historical inaccuracies

“Not sure if this counts as a small detail but the Imitation Game is riddled with historical inaccuracies. They basically invented drama around Alan Turing to make it a more suspenseful movie. In reality, Alan had a lot of support from his team. They could’ve just made a more historically accurate movie and hyped up the necessity of the work. I would’ve loved to see how MI6 used the info they found from the transmissions they intercepted and translated.”

#11. It would never be sold

“In Mission Impossible 4, when the movie opens and Tom Cruise hangs of the side of the plane after it takes of in Belarus. The plane in question is an A400m which is created by Airbus specifically for Western Nations and their allies, it would never be sold to a country like Belarus.

It didn’t ruin the movie but man it annoyed the hell out of me throughout it.”

#10. Anatomy

“In apocalypto, the scene where the dude is sacrificed, he has his heart cut out, and held aloft, then has his head cut off, and as he falls down the stairs, blood spurts out of his neck-hole in short, regular bursts.

With no heart.”

#9. Holy inconsistencies

“The inconsistent effects of polyjuice potion in the Harry Potter series drives me crazy. In some movies the voices AND appearances change (Mad Eye Moody is a great example) and in others only the appearances change (Hermione as Bellatrix).”

#8. They did it anyway

“In The Martian – he does the iron man thing.

He suggests the iron man thing in the book and they tell him he’s a fucking idiot because he wouldn’t be able to control it. He agrees.

They did it anyway in the movie, and that made the movie vastly inferior to the book.”

#7. Really out of character

“In The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the bulimia joke Sam makes always makes me cringe. I teach the novel in class and my students generally have a similar response – it just seems really out of character and pulls you out of the scene.”

#6. Big name actors

“Big name actors doing voice work kills it. I really liked Kubo but Matthew McConaughey always sounded like him and not the character he was playing.”

#5. The wrong side of the plane

“In Disney’s Pearl Harbor, when the Japanese planes are headed toward Hawaii, the sun is shining on the wrong side of the plane for the time of day and direction they’re flying.”

#4. You can’t tell me

“There were a lot of things in Ready Player One that I disliked but the worst thing is the solution to the first challenge. You can’t tell me that after millions of attempts, no one ever had the idea to drive backwards. If there is a way to exploit or cheese a level or a boss in a video game, no matter how obscure it might be, gamers will find it. I mean, have you ever watched a speedrun? Those guys have found ways to shave off miliseconds off their time starting from glitching out of bounds all the way to overloading and manipulating the game’s memory.

So no, if the solution to your stupid challenge is to just drive backwards, it would’ve been discovered within a few hours of the challenge going live.”

#3. That threw me right out

“Oh man, there are so many. But 2 stick out in my mind as particularly egregious. In the Star Trek reboot: How the hell did that supernova cross all those light years so quickly that it destroyed Romulus almost without warning?

And this old irritation popped back into my mind, but it’s a ways back so I only hope I’m recalling correctly. In the 1998 X-Files movie—IIRC—it was summer in the U.S., but when they flew to Antarctica it was broad summer daylight there as well. That threw me right out of the film.”

#2. Yet…

“In the first Fast and the Furious during the first race scene, 5 cars put their car into first gear. Yet there is only 4 cars racing.”

#1. F*ck your nonsense purple crystals!

“In The Core they go down into the earth’s mantle and they end up in a giant geode full of purple amethyst crystals.

Why the F did they make that choice. Quartz doesn’t form at those pressures and temperatures!! The mantle is primarily composed of olivine!!

They could have made the crystals green. They could have made them green. Instead they made them purple for no reason and it made no sense!!! Fuck you, The Core, fuck your nonsense purple crystals.”

What are you most picky about? Did it make the list?