15 Disney Movie References You Might Have Missed

©Disney/Paramount Pictures

Even if you’re a Disney fanatic (and I know there are A TON of you out there), chances are you miss a little wink and a nod that’s hidden in some of their movies once in a while.

And there are a whole lot of movie references hidden in Disney films for us to explore.

Take a look at these and see how many you’ve noticed before.

1. Sid’s carpet has the same pattern as the carpet in the Overlook Hotel from The Shining.

Photo Credit: Disney/Warner Bros.

2. In Hercules, you can see Herc, Phil, and Pegasus during the training montage strike the same pose that Mr. Miyagi does on the beach in The Karate Kid.

3. In Mulan, when the men in the fireworks tower ask Mushu who he is, he responds the same way that Rambo does in Rambo III.

Photo Credit: Disney/Carolco.

4. In Up, Paradise Falls looks nearly identical to the fictional landscape of the 1925 movie The Lost World.

5. The mannerisms and look of Mr. Big in Zootopia mimic that of the famous Vito Corleone in The Godfather.

6. Henry Limpet in his fish form from The Incredible Mr. Limpet can be seen in the “Under the Sea” sequence of The Little Mermaid.

Photo Credit: Disney/Warner Bros.

7. The shot where the monsters come out onto the scare floor in Monster’s, Inc. mimics a scene in The Right Stuff.

8. Woody draws inspiration from Mission Impossible‘s Ethan Hunt when he escapes Sunnyside in Toy Story 3.

9. In Coco, director Lee Unkrich includes a nod to “redrum” in The Shining by placing an axe in a tree stump next to a “red drum”.

Photo Credit: Disney/Warner Bros.

10. The design of Auto in Wall-E was taken from Hal 9000, a character in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Photo Credit: Disney/MGM

11. Finding Nemo spoofed the “Here’s Johnny” scene from The Shining with Bruce.

Photo Credit: Disney/Warner Bros.

12. Zootopia spoofs Breaking Bad for the night howler scene, and it even goes so far as to name two of the characters involved (Woolter and Jesse) after Breaking Bad‘s main characters.

Photo Credit: Disney/AMC

13. In Cars, the sheriff of Radiator Springs punishes Lightning McQueen by making him repave a road. Paul Newman (who played Doc Hudson in Cars) was also tasked with paving a road when he played the title character in Cool Hand Luke 39 years earlier.

14. The “help me” scene in The Fly is spoofed at the beginning of The Emperor’s New Groove.

15. When all of the toys stand up to Sid in Toy Story, Woody’s head turns in the same fashion as Reagan’s in The Exorcist.

Photo Credit: Disney/Warner Bros.

How many of those have you noticed before?