15 Movie Shots That Are So Pretty They Look like Works of Art


Sometimes, cinematography can make or break a movie. The beauty that directors of photography (DPs) are able to capture with a camera can leave a lasting impression on people – sometimes, it’s the imagery more than the plot that sticks with viewers forever.

Folks in the Buzzfeed Community shared the scenes that really took their breath away. Do these do it for you?

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Photo Credit: Fox Searchlight

2. The Lion King (1994)

Photo Credit: Disney

3. Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

4. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Photo Credit: Disney

5. Skyfall (2012)

Photo Credit: Sony

6. Tangled (2010)

Photo Credit: Disney

7. Titanic (1997)

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

8. What Dreams May Come (1998)

Photo Credit: PolyGram

9. Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Photo Credit: Sony

10. The Fall (2008)

Photo Credit: Roadside Attractions

11. Jaws (1975)

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

12. Black Panther (2018)

Photo Credit: Disney

13. Big Fish (2003)

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

14. The Great Gatsby (2013)

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

15. Donnie Darko (2001)

Photo Credit: Flower Films

I know I have my own personal favorite scenes that I think are unequaled on the big screen.

Share the scenes that move you in the comments!