15 Neighbors Who Definitely Make Life More Interesting


If you’re like me, one of your life goals is to be able to find the perfect property one day. One that’s close enough to modern conveniences, and an airport in case you need to quickly flee the country, but secluded enough that you don’t have to wear pants, listen to lawnmowers, or do that forced, awkward wave thing when you’re in the driveway the same time your neighbor is outside.

Just me? I didn’t think so.

That said, as long as we’re all stuck in these planned communities, we might as well make the best of it. Which means, you know, have a little fun. Like these folks.

15. Such considerate neighbors, really. Well, actually I guess it depends on how long they took to tell you…

Photo Credit: Reddit,ekoorb12

14. Maybe they should have been more specific

Photo Credit: Reddit,PoopThoughts

13. I’m not sure whether to be scared or impressed

Photo Credit: Reddit,woundedstork

12. I need to check my neighborhood WiFi more often

Photo Credit: Reddit,wahday

11. When you’re always finding the neighbor’s kid’s toys in your yard, and then one day you find this

Photo Credit: Reddit,AgentVT

10. This tiny neighbor (named Carter) asked for a banana and then peaced out

Photo Credit: Reddit,Theone211

9. There are so many creepy things about this picture

Photo Credit: Reddit,PotatoWifi

8. Just taking a bath and getting some sun. Not sure raccoons are technically neighbors. Honorary mention?

Photo Credit: Reddit,c-root

7. Classy

Photo Credit: Reddit,Revircs

6. Passive-aggressive response ftw

Photo Credit: Reddit

5. When your neighbors are firemen…next door to policemen

Photo Credit: Reddit,EnemyInMe

4. OMG

Photo Credit: Reddit,therealsix

3. What even? Ha!

Photo Credit: Reddit,ophthalnurse

2. But seriously, what the hell is that thing?

Photo Credit: Reddit,Muegra

1. You’re probably going to hell for putting this on your Mormon neighbor’s door. But it might be worth it.

Photo Credit: Reddit,suzy_queue

h/t: Bored Panda

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