15 Neighbors Who Make the “Worst” List Every Day of the Week

Most of us have good neighbors, or at the very least, neighbors who don’t bother us one way or the other (which could be the definition of ‘good,’ honestly). Some of us are lucky enough to have great neighbors who turn into friends…and some of us win the opposite sort of lottery.

These 15 people moved in and found themselves living nightmares because of the people next door.

15. A pretender.

Dude pretended to be a reverend but was actually just a filthy hoarder. He insisted on wearing sandals all of the time, and whenever he left his flat, the entire stairwell would stink of century old unwashed feet.

Eventually, the beetles that had infested his flat crawled up and into our kitchen and then everywhere.

Took months to get him evicted. Eff that guy.

14. A bad egg.

Reminds me of our neighbour downstairs who moved in just after we did. Was a wife, husband, daughter and grandson. They were fine for a few months, then the husband found out that we had a dog then it was suddenly 24/7 noise complaints about us having a dog to the point that cops were called. They said that the dog was barking all the time, running and jumping inside the house. Banging and bashing.

In the end, the cops wanted us to file a harassment complaint and our management was going to help too because he was harassing her as well. When he found out about it and that the manager was 100% on our side, he started screaming threats and insults and nearly hit me and my dog then on another occasion nearly hit my sister with his car, etc.

The rest of his family were quite nice. The grandson had a bit of a temper, wife rarely ever smiled or spoke, but I could make her smile now and then. In the end, he died. From what the manager said, the man had banged on his ceiling(our floor) so hard he left holes in it. The wife passed on shortly he did, sadly.

The daughter and the grandson seem better now tho. She’s become a foster mother to a sweetheart toddler and the grandson’s on the local HS basketball team. I think he was more than just a dick to us. They ended up getting the cutest little Yorkie mix not long ago.

13. It probably wasn’t politely.

Moved into a crappy apartment in a building that was occupied by basically the worst people in the area. Pretty rural small town. Junkies, alcoholics etc. I moved there because I don’t have a driver’s license and I needed to live close to my new job at a café (no buses in the area, except school buses,) and it was relatively cheap.

Anyways, one night when I came home from work, I met two of my neighbors by the entrance to the building. These two were living wall-to-wall with me, and I had listened to their drugged-up saturnalias more than once.

They started following me up the stairs, not saying a single word, just following me. I rush inside and lock the door, when they start hammering at it. Yelling, hammering their hands at the door so hard I thought they would break it. I yelled back at them «what do you want?? Leave me alone!»

They stopped their hammering and the man said, with a fragile voice; «We were just wondering if we could borrow your pee for a drug test tomorrow.»

I not so politely declined, told them to eff off, and called the police.

Didn’t live there for much longer, I’ll tell you that.

12. A not-happy ending.

I lived in an apartment with slot of rotating tenants. and elderly lady moved in across the hall from me promptly started hoarding. I started to figure it out when her deck/porch started to fill up with odds and ends furniture including but not limited to a roll top desk.

She also yelled at me once for taking her key out of the front door and putting it in the mail slot.

Anyway after a couple of weeks I started to realize I hadn’t seen her in awhile and started to smell something real weird. Turns out she had died and no one knew about it for a week hence the smell. Her family came and cleared out all her stuff about a week after that.

This is Wisconsin in the winter and I had my good doc marten work boots outside my door because they were wet. They used one of my boots to prop open their door while they moved out and then stole them when they were done.

11. Stop telling the truth!

Had one that would basically steal our mail and other stuff from our porch and yard.

Caught her once to confront her and she started yelling at me to stop attacking her and tried to say I was stealing her stuff.

Ended up with the police getting called and us filing a restraining order against her.

10. Unforgivable.

My current neighbors will randomly light bombshell fireworks in the middle of the night during the middle of the week as if some of us don’t have to wake up early for work.

Also when I was younger and living in a different city our front neighbors stole our dog from our backyard one day and we didn’t find out it was them until a few months later when we saw our dog in their yard.

They denied they stole it and wouldn’t give it back to us until we got the police involved.

9. Probably meth.

My neighbors create this toxic smoke out of their chimney.

We suspect that they are making drugs.

8. This makes me mad.

I rented a flat with an ex and the upstairs neighbour was an absolute nightmare. Deadbeat dad who had his kid every weekend and left them screaming all the time. He’d blast music until sunrise every day even when he had his kid.

Got the council involved, nothing happened. Got child services involved, nothing happened. He used to argue every Sunday with his ex about how he wasn’t paying child support. They’d argue right outside our door (we were on the ground floor).

The guy was unemployed, owed the landlord a lot of money, and only left his flat to get groceries or drugs. He kicked off at me because my cat meowed loudly once.

7. Well that’s new.

I’ve posted this before. Our neighbor was tossing bags of her vomit into my yard for about a year. Like 50 bags.

Called the cops. Turns out she had an eating disorder she was hiding from her parents

Having witnessed just how far someone will go to hid their disorder, I hope this post and my past story can help one person get help before they go this far.

Be strong. Be better.

6. Those poor kids.

They were crack heads. They had two kids, were physically and verbally abusive to each other and were hoarders on top of it.

Tried calling child protective services and the police over and over and was never taken seriously.

They ended up burning down their apartment and caused thousands of dollars in damage to the rest of the apartment building because they were cooking meth.

We had to move out, as did many others.

The silver lining is that they finally got their kids taken away after that.

5. Serial killer.

My neighbor once shot both my dogs and his goat and made me bury both.

One dog survived thankfully.

He then tried to make us pay for a new goat claiming that our dogs attacked it.

The goat had bullet wounds and no bite marks.

4. Well this is all horrifying.

The matriarch of my crazy neighbors nailed all of the windows shut in their house, then removed the door knobs and installed several dead bolts. This was to keep her grandkids home while she was at work, and everyone else out. Child welfare stopped by and were ok with this. The kids were able to get one window open without her knowing, and they would usually leave during the day and make it back before she got off work.

Eventually there were maybe a dozen young adults living there too, and they all used the window as the main entrance. It unfortunately bordered my driveway, and was mere feet from my house. All hours of the day, people would be out there, wiggling in and out of the window.

People got tired of being cooped up and major fights broke out. I regularly heard bodies hitting walls or furniture or fists, yells of “well stop threatening and get your goddamn gun already!” I have ptsd, and it was just day after day of trying to keep myself calm.

The kids had a pneumatic bb gun, a lookalike handgun, and one morning shot up my neighbor’s car. She left to work at a hospital early in the morning, before first light, and didn’t notice. When she shut her car door, all the glass fell out the windows. Later in the morning, he shot out a window in the school across the street. And a bit after that, he shot my husband in the shoulder, when we were outside planting flowers.

He kept shooting, even after the police arrived. The police called the matriarch, who unlocked all the deadbolts, took away the kids’ guns, and drug them outside so they could be cuffed and taken away. The youngest was maybe 9. Since no one confessed or ratted, and police weren’t sure which of the three did it, they were released and not charged.

Thankfully this act of physical violence against my husband got them evicted. After tearing up the house–breaking all the windows and ripping out the electrical boxes and punching random holes in the walls, the kids went to the landlord’s house with their lookalike handguns and shot up the windows in her house. Again arrested, but being juveniles, no repercussions. A couple of weeks later, her vehicle and garage were firebombed, but no one was charged with that.

I’m so glad they are gone. I live in a wonderful neighborhood (not rich by any means, but the most awesome people), but it’s hard to enjoy the community with that going on next door. I hope they somehow find some peace with this life.

3. That poor man.

I have a schizophrenic neighbor that has believed for years that I am hacking his electronic devices, scanning his phone, harassing/terrorizing him, etc.

Over the years he has claimed I’ve held an old man hostage in my condo, allowed blood to drip from my patio to his, and that I’m a terrible racist.

He leaves notes on the inside of his car accusing me of these things.

2. Ew, the stink.

I used to live in a house that was split into two apartments.

My neighbors had the lower half, and I learned we had issues with the HVAC when their cigarette smoke came visibly pouring out our registers: stank up everything we owned.

Then one of them stole my car.

1. Mental illness is rough on everyone.

I have to deal with this with my next door neighbor. She’s completely unhinged. I feel sorry for her because apparently she was a super nice person many years ago, but got some sort of brain virus that just screwed up everything. She yells all the time. Yells about people stealing her money. Yells about Koreans. Yells about black people. Yells about the corrupt medical establishment that’s stealing all her money. Well maybe that one is accurate.

She has no family but does have a conservator. She looks like a ghoul. Skinny, hair everywhere. Always wears the same clothes. You can’t talk to her. Usually she keeps the yelling inside her apartment so I can’t hear it except when I’m in the hallway. But sometimes she sits out in the hallway yelling. I tell her to go inside and sometimes she does.

Recently we heard a bunch of people outside in the hallway. Turns out it was paramedics. Her conservator stops by every week or so to check in. They had missed the previous week and apparently she was sick with… something. Maybe COVID? No idea. But she was severely dehydrated and basically passed out on the floor. The carted her out and she seems to have made a full recovery. Which is remarkable because she looks like a strong breeze would break her in half.

It’s unfortunate that nothing can be done for her. At least she’s not homeless. We’ve been told she inherited a lot of money when her father died so that pays her mortgage and building fees. But man… not a fun life I’m sure.

I hope I never have a story like this. Fingers’ crossed.

If you do, tell it to us in the comments!