These Adorable Neighbors Bonded Over a Love of Monsters, Inc. Character, Mike Wazowski

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We love what we love, and sometimes we find other people who love the same things – those are our people, and we should always hang onto them like grim death.

When college student Alyssa Martinez saw a statue of Mike Wazowski on a walk, she snapped a picture and captioned it “he will be mine.”

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The rest, as they say, is history.

She wrote a letter to the owner and left it at their residence.

Image Credit: Twitter

“I am writing to you as an incoming college freshman who is moving in the next two weeks,” it reads. “My roommate and I drive past your magnificent Mike Wazowski statue every day and feel that he would be a great addition to our dorm.”

“We would take great care of him and display him in the entrance of our home so he can greet our guests. Although money is tight right now, being that I am a college student, I am willing to pay for Mike. As a class of 2020 graduate who has had to face many obstacles, I feel that this would be the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“This is a very serious inquiry. Please contact me at my phone number. Text messaging preferred.”

Mike’s owner wrote Alyssa shortly afterward, letting her know that although Mike used to be extremely loved and cared for, they hadn’t been able to as of late and he would love to see him go to a new owner.

Image Credit: Twitter

Here’s the full text.

“Good morning Alyssa. This is Rob, Mike’s owner.

Thank you for your interest with Mike. He’s been around the home for a very long time but over time we just [lost] interest as he was damaged a few times and was somewhat fixed. I don’t mind letting him go to someone else that can give him the attention he used to get. Don’t worry about the payment, as a young adult you have many other things to focus on right now.

All I ask is when I let Mike go if I can take a picture of the new owners with Mike so I can send [it] to my daughters.

Let me know when you’ll be able to pick him up so I can kinda clean him up a little as he’s been on guard outside for the past 9-10 months.

Again, thanks for reaching out!”

Alyssa (and her roommate) thanked him and took the requested picture, and then she shared the story on social media.

People are eating it up, because obviously this is the content we’re all here for right now.

And because yeah, well all want a Mike Wazowski statue in our lives.

Others suggested that she now needs a Sully, too. Because obviously.

Others definitely saw this and now want their own Mike – because who doesn’t??

But I think we can all agree this is a great human story, right?

I’m so happy I stumbled across this one, and then shared it with you.

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