15 People Share the Best Ways to Tell Someone Their Baby Is Ugly


Every person who ever was thinks that their baby is the cutest baby in the history of forever. I was sure that my firstborn was the most adorable child ever born, but now that he’s two, I can look back and see his patchy hair and chubby face for what it was (and it wasn’t all that cute, tbh).

If you’re wondering whether your wee one is actually cute or people are just saying that, you might want to check people’s comments for these 15 phrases that mean, well…you might be just like everyone else.

15. The length of the pause matters.

Awe that’s such a cute…


14. Set the timer.

Put it back in!

It’s not done yet!

13. Like Churchill.

Will look out for this. Our baby is 2 days old and looks like a 40 year old accountant. He literally looks like he was born with a receding hairline and a sour demeanor.

I got in before the Winston Churchill comments


Pic of our little accountant https://postimg.cc/N9wcfdBn

He’s been in ICU due to rapid breathing and a little jaundice, he’s doing well and looked like this before he was out in an incubator! Pics taken with permission of midwife, we have lots of them.

Edit2: Baby is in ICU where you need to scrub before entry, remove jewelry and roll up sleeves. Phones get pretty grubby and they don’t like you making calls in the unit anyway. The nurses were good enough to say we could use the phone for pics and I thought people might be concerned about me taking photos in a clean unit.

12. And I do mean always.

I always think babies look like aliens or old men.

Don’t you agree?

11. The universal choice.

You hit em with the “oof”

10. Sometimes it’s not a secret at all.

“Hey your baby is…ugly.”

“Yeah, I know :/“

Actual conversation from when my daughter lost her hair at 3mo and looked like a grumpy old man

9. I wouldn’t call that “nice.”

He looks like Caillou.

8. Good friends can get away with that.

My stepmom once went to see a friend’s baby in the hospital and told the parents it was the ugliest baby she’s ever seen.

I’m pretty sure they’re still friends, so it worked

7. Yoda is…cute?

I had my daughter and the first thing I said was, “She looks like Yoda”.

The doctors and nurses looked horrified.

6. That should do it.

Scratch it behind its ear and say, “Where’d you find it?”

5. How nice.

when my little sister was a baby, she had quite an ugly face.

My grandparents thought as much so instead of calling her a “pretty baby” or a “cute baby”, they called her a “nice baby” because apparently she smiled a lot.

Moral of the story: whenever you see an ugly baby, but you don’t want to make the parents feel too bad about it, call it a nice baby.

4. More for me!

“Wanna hold it?”

“No thanks.”

3. Ha!

After taking a look at the baby, ask the parents if they are related.

2. Seinfeld ftw.

The baby is Breathtaking.

She looks like Lyndon Johnson!

1. Indeed it is.

My Grandma used to just say, now THAT’S a baby.

It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, though – you can’t be convinced!

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