14 of the Best Kept Secrets on the Internet

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In the history of forever, it’s never been easy to keep a secret, but I’m going to go ahead and say the challenge at least doubled when the internet arrived.

I mean, just ask any school-aged kid out there how easy it is to have anything stay their own for more than an hour, and you’ll see why it’s so amazing that people on Reddit have managed to dig up 15 things they think are well-kept secrets.

Or, they were, I suppose, because now they’re being shared with us!

14. As an author, I feel obliged to scowl at this one.

libgen.is is a source to get almost EVERY fiction or non-fiction book out there.

For non-fiction, you press the sci-tech button, and for fiction, you press the fiction button.

You can also get comics and textbooks, all for free.

13. Talk about useful!

Camelcamelcamel, it’s a tool that tracks the prices of everything on amazon. You can see trends like if the product goes on sale a certain time of year, you can set notifications to alert you if a product dips below a certain price. It’s an invaluable tool if you do a lot of amazon shopping.


12. If you’re an Aussie.

A certain service station/fuel company in Australia has a phone app that lets you lock in the price of fuel at your closest fuel station for a week.

People have ‘found various ways’ to lock in the price of fuel at any of their stores in Australia (against the TOS) , giving you huge discounts if your local fuel servos are expensive/at the top of the cycle. Eg. If fuel in Brisbane is $1.70 and it’s $1.20 in Melbourne..

You’d pay as if you’re in Melbourne, saving you 50c/L.

11. Part of this is definitely true.

The wayback machine and how you can recover deleted news articles, posts and other otherwise unreachable pages.

It’s the reason nothing on the internet is truly ever deleted.

10. If anyone knows…

The job sites where you can actually get a job instead of send applications that never get read.

It’s the best kept secret, so I don’t know where it is 🙁

edit: Well I woke up to like 300 responses, hope you guys are having better luck than me because I can’t read all that stuff, I’m too busy doing nothing

9. My friend learned this living abroad.

The shitload of foreign sites u can use to pirate literally anything just google translate “download” to chinese or russian combined with the name of what you’re looking for and u have it.

Russians are the best for books and research papers

Chinese have literally every movie, tv series and game known to man

8. Now this is the kind of stuff I come to the internet for.


This website has been online since the mid 90’s. It’s a collection of stories from a guy working at a video game store in Canada.

It’s like a collection of r/maliciouscompliance posts. The Gord is just, but ruthless.

The writing style is great and the stories are usually pretty funny.

7. If you love music, you’re going to need this in your life.

I love radiooooo.com You can listen to music from around the world in different decades at the click of a button.

Found many great music from it.

If your into world musix, definitely check it out.

6. Now you know.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Creator of bitcoin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satoshi_Nakamoto

5. Prepare to get sucked in.

The identity of the creator or creators of the Cicada 3301 puzzles.

4. Yeah I’m going to have to check this out immediately.

The Library of Babel

It is a fascinating experiment which uses algorithms to prove Jorge Luis Borges’ theory that anything and everything text based can be and has been created just through the random assignment of characters using a labyrinth of bookshelves in a hexagon format.

Every work of fiction or non fiction can be created word for word randomly given enough permutations.

Anything randomly discovered in the library will be in exactly the same spot when re-discovered without having to generate the millions and millions of pages of text and store it.


3. It never hurts to save a few bucks!

Save10, save20, and save 30 are premier discount codes on a surprising amount of websites. Anytime on a check out and just try one of these and 25% of the time one of them work.

Edit: honey has been mentioned a bunch. Linus from Linus tech tips has actually mentioned hell that has saved his company thousands of dollars.

Edit: according to the comments test followed by a series of numbers like 1 2 3, 10, 20, 30 in some cases test 100 seem to have given discounts as well.

2. Save yourself a few seconds. They add up!

Ctrl +shift+esc brings up the task manager directly instead of pressing Ctrl+alt+del then clicking task manager

1. It’s because they don’t know, either.

Literally anything Valve is ever doing.

Wanna know when this new game comes out? Too bad. Wanna know if we see your feedback? Too bad.

They’ve stayed silent for a very long time, and I gotta give em credit, it would be pretty hard

I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot! Anyone else?

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