15 of the Most Awkward Things That Have Happened to People in Public

Image Credit: Pixabay

Get ready to cringe, because guys, if any of these happened to me I would just disappear due to sheer humiliation.

#15. Behold.

But isn’t it all about the journey?
by inWellthatsucks

#14. Someone didn’t learn their lesson from Seinfeld.


#13. Not true but still funny.


#12. You weren’t supposed to touch that.

(Loses security deposit)

#11. I mean he could have been nicer about it.


#10. Awkward conversation ensues.

#9. Talent.


#8. Pretty sure he knew.

#7. You asked for it, really.

#6. There aren’t enough explanations in the world.

Go crazy
by inWellthatsucks

#5. When there’s nothing to say.

#4. Now you’ve got to do laundry, too. Boo.

#3. Seems reasonable.

#2. I’m kind of thinking he deserves whatever if he yells at his mom like that.


#1. We’ve got a biter.

There aren’t enough cringes in the world.