15 of the Most Desperate Ways Celebrities Have Tried to Stay Relevant

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In the age of social media “influencers,” it’s pretty easy for celebrities to figure out a way to make some extra cash off of their fame. If their initial careers peter out, there are plenty of solid back-up options.

And also, plenty of not so solid back-up options. Over the years, celebrities have resorted to all kinds of wacky antics to hold onto their dying fame.

On AskReddit, users shared the most desperate bid for fame that they’ve ever witnessed from fading celebrities. These stories are pretty bleak!

1. Remix albums.

“Vanilla ice putting out an album 5 years ago with 5 different versions of Ice Ice Baby.”

“He played at my college to promote that album.”

2. Infomercials.

“Infomercials. My favorite is Montell Williams selling blenders with special guest star Silvia Browne.”

“Shaq’s icy hot commercials are pretty funny.”

“Kevin Bacon’s commercials in the UK for EE. Impossible not to cringe every time they come on TV.”

3. Phone sex operator.

“When Octomom became a phone sex operator and did porn.”

“Lest we forget the time she ‘guest starred”‘on MTV’s Silent Library. She laid back on a gyno table with her feet in the stirrups and ‘shot’ plastic baby dolls at the contestants from her vag.”

4. Stage-bombing.

“Lil Mama getting on the stage when Jay-z & Alicia Keys were performing. Oh God!”

5. Under-attended concerts.

“Aaron Carter just performed a concert in my town for a crowd of a whopping fifty people.”

6. Farfetched lawsuits.

“Lindsey Lohan apparently suing Rockstar because of stuff in GTA 5. Claiming that they are using her as an image or something stupid.”

“Will.i.am suing Pharrell for saying “I am” in a song.”

7. Fake relationships.

“Farrah Abraham faking a relationship with James Deen.

8. Reality shows.

“When any “celebrity” does a “celebrity” reality show (ie Celebrity Diving Challenge, Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Fit Club, Celebrity Rehab). It’s just so embarrassing.”

“David Hasselhoff’s reality show. Basically every reality show.”

9. Random sitcoms.

“Kristie Alley always seems to show up in a terrible new sitcom/commercial every other year. Just stop it already!”

“This most recent one seems exceedingly desperate. Especially with Michael Richards playing a seemingly Kramer type character and Rhea Perlman who hasn’t been seen since her divorce.”

10. Selling their stories.

“Mine would be seeing Lindsey lohan sell out her “recovery story” to Oprah.”

11. Talk shows.

“I think the Sarah Palin show. I live in Alaska and that shit was just embarrassing for this state.”

12. All things Kardashian.

“Anything anyone with the name Kardashian does.”

“If you really think about it, they were just a little bit famous because the Robert Kardashian (the dad) was OJ Simpson’s lawyer. Kim kept that fame by sleeping with Ray J, who was also clinging to fame behind his older sister Brandy. So really, the first thing Kim did in her career was something desperate to stay relevant.”

13. Plotting with paparazzi.

“I’ve read that Jennifer Love Hewitt will personally call some of the paparazzi, but act like it’s an anonymous call, to let them know where she will be so they can show up and photographer her.”

14. American Idol.

“Becoming a “judge” on American Idol.

Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Paula Abdul. People we haven’t heard anything out of in years join the show and release more shitty music.”

15. Sex tapes.

“Dustin Diamond aka Screech doing a sex tape and having a rap career, probably.”

“The Chyna sex tape is right up there.”