15 People Share Painfully Awkward Things That Happened to Them

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It’s been a long, tough year for a lot of us…but at least the majority of us didn’t humiliate ourselves the way these folks did.

Here are 15 people who had really awkward and painful experiences in 2019.

Let us pray that these folks will have a much better 2020…

1. Oops a daisy!

Mean what you say and say what you mean.

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2. Oh…that’s why…

I mean… that’s the best discovery EVER!

3. Nice work!

That’ll show her you’re really working hard!

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4. Why am I here again?

Oh yeah… my best friend needs help. Wait… where’s my best friend?!

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5. Hahahaha. Amazing.

Is that how you do it?

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6. Shot down.

Man, you are thirsty AF!

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7. Beware of soup.

It might attack!

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8. Who the hell are you?

There’s not such thing as “the usual” for strangers.

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9. Just hold me…

I mean… isn’t this what we’re all thinking?

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10. Not a good time.

Wait… you didn’t figure that out?

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11. Total humiliation.

But you asked the question, so if you don’t want to know the answer…

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12. I hope you’re hungry.

I mean, that IS kind of people’s thing, so…

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13. Forgot about those…

“Mom, I got a new career. You’ll never guess what.”

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14. You really blew it.

Make it a joke from now on. He’ll love that.

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15. He’ll never do that again.

Damn. That is COLD.

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What was the most awkward thing that happened to you this year?

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