15 Painfully Accurate Tweets About Sex and Dating


Painful and funny. Funny and painful. Kind of sums up dating and being in a relationship, doesn’t it?

That’s kind of sad, actually…

Sad, but true!

In the spirit of soul-crushing experiences, let’s take a look at some funny tweets about sex and dating. Yay!

1. Or maybe even 60…

2. It sure does add up.

3. Two sides of the coin.

4. You are not alone, my friend.

5. That’s a bummer.

6. Let’s go to the rankings.

7. Making all kinds of noise.

8. You might as well.

9. What a surprise that must’ve been.

10. Doing it all wrong.

11. That’s not a date?

12. She quit her job for YOU.

13. Is that good or bad?

14. Way to ruin the friend group.

15. I’m trying…trust me.

I hate to do this to you, but…please share some of your own awkward/painful/hilarious sex and dating stories in the comments.

We need to feel better about ourselves over here!!