He Disrespected His Wife Is Front of His Family. Was He Wrong?

You know that things are gonna get ugly when you call out your spouse in front of your own family.

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AITA? I insulted my wife in front of my family.

“I and my wife have been married for 8 years.

She told me she wants to be a SAHW when we got married because she didn’t like her job that much. I was okay with it since I earn enough for both of us.

My mom had to drop out of school because she lost her patents at a young age and she had to do manual labour to send her siblings to school. The indian government then did not have any concessions for orphaned kids. She had the choice to either go to school herself or send her siblings to school.

Because of this, she dropped out in 8th grade(14yo). Both her siblings got employed in really good companies and they took care of her since then until she got married. My dad passed away just 2 years after their marriage and she had to take care of me on her own. Her siblings did help but she worked 2 jobs along with that to support us both(Edit: herself and me. I was an only child. My father d**d while she was pregnant with me).

Today we had a family get together. My mom, her siblings, each of their kids and daughter/son in laws, grandkids etc.

After having dinner, my wife said we needed to leave early because our kids have to go to basketball, swimming and also private tuitions tomorrow. My kids were begging her to let them stay for a little longer.

My mom asked my wife if they can miss one day of practice to spend time with family since the kids also must have missed their cousins after not having met them for nearly a year. My wife retaliated saying an illiterate woman wouldn’t know the importance of education and extracurricular activities. My mom was clearly hurt and apologized for overstepping. I told my wife that literacy clearly hasn’t taught her(my wife) basic manners.

My wife got mad at me for insulting her in front of everyone and went back home with the kids. She’s not even picking my calls or replying to my texts.


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