15 Funny Parents Who Are Hanging on by a Thread


Parents: we’re behind you 100%. Well, maybe not that much, but we sure appreciate your struggles and headaches.

We know some of you are barely hanging by a thread, and we’ve totally got your backs! Well, maybe not your backs. Your knees or something.

Bottom line: we’re in your corner.

Just look at these tweets.

1. That’s how it is.

2. Thanks, that’s a big help.

3. Peak and off peak.

4. Don’t ever say that.

5. Still learning the ropes.

6. Not this time…

7. Figure that one out.

8. That’s my boy!

9. Wrong cup, moron!

10. All of the above.

11. Doesn’t work that way.

12. They clearly prefer mommy.

13. They’ll never find me here.

14. A whole different level.

15. Perfect little angels, aren’t they?

Hang in there, moms and dads! You’re doing just fine!