15 People Caught Napping in Funny Positions


Are you the kind of person who can fall asleep ANYWHERE? I really envy folks like that. It’s a true gift that is not in my DNA  – not by a long shot.

But these people in the photos below? Pssshhhh. They are on a whole other level. Not only can they fall asleep anywhere, they do it in style.

Kind of.

Well, let’s call it a hilarious style. Enjoy these pics of people who fell asleep in pretty amusing positions.

1. That is EPIC.

I was reading in bed last night when I realized my husband and our foster kittens were all fast asleep like this
byu/yoyoadrienne inaww

2. Whoa! Scared me for a second.

My sister fell asleep while she was reading a magazine…
by infunny

3. He’s down for the count.

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4. I hope you enjoyed your gondola ride.

Hit and Run Tourism in Venice – Italy 

5. Both of these guys deserve a round of applause.

This is what friends are for

6. That is the nap master.

Quiet…The nap master is among us.
byu/savedbyiron infunny

7. That book should sell millions.

How to sleep well…It freaking worked
byu/aymbrbr inpics

8. Flight attendants need to sleep, too.


9. Might be time to hit the sofa.

Everybody’s got these great pictures of their people sleeping with their pets and I’m over here stuck with this mess.
byu/aderaptor inaww

10. Just like Peter Griffin.

My kid sleeps like he fell down in Family Guy.
byu/AirmanAJK infunny

11. That’s NOT a sleeping mask, sir.

Bedroom is really sunny in the morning. Found husband sleeping like this.

12. All tuckered out.

Sleep Contortionist (21 year old son after his 1st day on new job falls asleep rather stylishly)
byu/rasburryswirl infunny

13. I see a black eye in your future.

Waking up will be hard
byu/Bierrr infunny

14. That is very creepy.

Today I found out that my co-worker sleeps with his eyes open and looks very creepy.
byu/Quickzor inmildlyinteresting

15. I hope you had a good night!

Ever had so much alcohol you tried to enter a house via the cat door, then went to sleep half way through?
byu/iamnotastroturfing infunny

How can I get in on this action? I need this in my life!

Share your own photos of yourself or the people in your life sleeping in hilarious/awkward positions. We’d love to see them!