15 People Confess the Little Things People Do That Drive Them Absolutely Mad

Image Credit: Pixabay

We all have our pet peeves. I nearly asked for a divorce over my husband chewing ice in bed, for example. There are just some things people do that make you hate that you have to live in a society sometimes. But it’s nice to know that at least others get as angry as you do about certain things (people bumping into you and not saying excuse me, anyone?).

And if you do any of these things, maybe consider this a heads up.

#15. Personal space

“Folks who take up all the personal space behind me in a queue. I inch ahead a bit, they take up the slack. I’m trying to maximize my personal space, not minimize your distance to the cash register.”

#14. In public

“Listening to music without earbuds or headphones in public.”

#13. You’re not a cow

“Chewing with their mouth open. You’re not a cow.”

#12. I hate it when…

“I hate it when people talk to me when I have my earphones on.”

#11. Dog problems

“People who have dogs, but can’t be bothered to pick up after them. When you got that dog, you agreed to handle ALL the responsibilities. Cleaning up after it is one of them.

Retractable leashes. The number of places where one is actually safe and necessary is miniscule. Letting your dog wander at the end of a retractable down a city street is irresponsible.

People who don’t leash their dogs. Your dog may be friendly, but the dog they approach may not be.

People who try to pet dogs without asking. When told “no”, they still try to pet them (this increases X1000 if it’s a service/assistance dog). Don’t touch what doesn’t belong to you. You should have learned that in kindergarten.”

#10. Whining the whole time

“Bring young children to movies that aren’t for kids! It sucks when you plan out your night and get a babysitter and there’s a 3 year old behind you asking questions and whining the whole time!”

#9. Turn signals

“Not using signal light when turning or changing lanes.”

#8. It’s their job

“Its their job” type bitches that leave their rubbish all over the table at fast food restaurants/cinemas for the workers to clean up after them when they could easily throw it in the bin.”

#7. Irrationally angry

“People who spell “lose” like “loose.” I don’t know why, but it makes me irrationally angry.”

#6. Drives me insane

“When someone drinks and then makes a really loud “AHHHHHH” afterwords. Drives me insane.”

#5. WHY

“Walking in front of me slowly and stopping for NO REASON. WHY.”

#4. I’ve seriously considered it

“Not turning your high beams off when approaching me. At times I’ve seriously considered turning my lights on in my car so the oncoming driver can see me flipping them off.”

#3. Infuriating

“Litter. Litter. Litter.

The whole concept of “it’s just one cigarette butt. I’m not hurting anything” multiplied by millions of similar thoughts is devastating. Same for single use plastics. Same for every time people treat the beach like a trash can. it’s infuriating.”

#2. Getting defensive

“Saying they will do something then not doing it, then getting defensive when confronted. If you say your gonna do something fucking do it.”

#1. Social Cues

“People who ignore social cues when I want a conversation to end. I understand that not everyone has the ability to read them, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating.”