15 People Confess to a Common Thing They’ve Never Done

©Unsplash,Karl Fredrickson

Me? I’ve never taken a public bus in the United States. These people also have some doozies!

#15. Up and downs.

“Close to 33, never been to a funeral. Estrangement from your family has it’s up and down sides depending on your perspective!”

#14. Just can’t catch one.

“I’ve never had a crepe. They look delicious too, like a thin, sweet pancake with amazing toppings. Everything about them seems incredible yet I’ve never been able to catch one.”

#13. Fried chicken.

“I’ve never tried on fried chicken

Edit: just realized my English was off here lol

Edit 2: thanks for gold lol.”

#12. The whole night.

“Never stayed awake throughout the whole night.

EDIT: Believe it or not, I’m a university student. Yes, I’ve never left my home in the morning without having slept. The shortest I’ve slept was about 2 hours and a half when I had been studying until 3:30 AM. Felt horrible the next day. My only trouble with sleeping is that I usually sleep too much haha.”

#11. Matchless.

“College roommate had not once lit a match.”

#10. Props.

“I have never heard Kim Kardashian talk.”

#9. RIP.

“Never been grounded…. And considering I’m an adult I likely never will be.

Edit: looks like I’ll never marry then rip.”

#8. Never been.

“Never been to a concert of any of my favorite bands, or any bands.”

#7. Missing fruit.

“I have never left Philly, or eaten a pear.”

#6. Flying scared.

“I’ve never been on an airplane.”

#5. Not well traveled.

“I’ve never seen a mountain in person. Currently planning a trip later this year that will correct this, but until then…

And until two weeks ago, never seen an ocean in person. I’m not well traveled.”

#4. Still alludes me.

“Whistle. I’ve tried for 31 years and it still alludes me.”

#3. Shut your holes.

“I have never been 10 pin bowling.

Edit for all you pedants asking if there are other types of bowling, well hell yes there are so shut your holes!”

#2. Star Wars.

“I have never seen 1 star wars movie.

Edit: I saw none of them

Edit 2: I have planned to binge watch them this friday to saturday.”

#1. Neither have I.

“I have never been stung by a bee or a wasp.”