15 People Confess to Crossing a Line They Said They Never Would

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Everyone draws a line in the sand between themselves and certain behaviors. We say “I would never in a million years do xyz…”. But sometimes life gets in the way, things change, or circumstances demand we cross over to the other side of “never.”

It can be hard to admit when you’ve gone to your own personal dark side, but that’s just what these 15 people are about to confess…

#15. Shooting up.

“Shooting up.

Been an addict since 15 years old but i had never shot, then i did and loved the shit out of it.

3 ODs, scars on my arm for life.

Just made it to 6 months off of the needle on aug 7th.”

#14. I was naive!

“Thought Id never have sex before marriage.


#13. There you go.

“The Maginot Line

I was a poor kid from the States and thought I could never afford to be one of those fancy pants who backpacked Europe for the summer but hey, there you go.”

#12. Every parent.

“One that pretty much every parent does at some point in their life.

When I was 12, I was all like “I’m never gonna be THAT parent that stops my kid from doing what I wanted to do right now but Dad said No.”

Now, I’m like all “Now listen here you little shit.”

(Not really. I use “brat”. But I think “shit”.)”

#11. Two of those things.

“I always told myself I’d never ride a motorcycle. “They’re fast, you dont have self control, you’ll kill myself.” Turns out I was right about two of those things.”

#10. After college.

“I never thought I’d live with a family member after college.

But then I started thinking more about expenses.

Long story short, I can deal with annoying family debacles if I’m saving over 12 grand a year from rent.”

#9. For obvious reasons.

“Always said I would keep my work life and personal life separate for obvious reasons. Dated a co-worker.”

#8. I’d never do that.

“I remember being a teenager, looking at all my friends going out drinking and doing drugs and thinking that I’d NEVER do that.


#7. Funny how that works.

“I never thought I would start smoking. It’s funny how it works. A drunken drag off a friend’s turns into a bummed smoke which turns into buying your own and then waking up coughing and realizing you’ve been smoking for X years.

Luckily I’ve been off of them for 8 months now, and quitting sucked so badly that I never want to start again. But then again, I never thought I would start in the first place.”

#6. What I know I need to do.

“200 lbs.

Then 250.

Now I’m staring down 300, telling myself I can’t go there, but it’s so hard to do what I know I need to.”

#5. Just like you’d expect.

“Taking back a cheater.

Turned out just like you’d expect.”

#4. The most shameful thing I’ve done.

“I was blacked out drunk and drove home. I don’t remember when I left, which route I took, or where I parked my car. I thought I took a cab home until I went to get my mail and saw my car parked outside.

It’s one of the most shameful things I’ve done. I was young and dumb, and it shook me to my core. I didn’t realize how easily someone could make that decision and am forever thankful no one was injured. It’s a line that should never be crossed and I swore up and down I wouldn’t ever. After that night, I either plan ahead or take a cab. Especially with Lyft and Uber being so prevalent these days, there’s just no excuse.”

#3. Cardboard crack.

“Buying Magic the Gathering singles. It’s cardboard crack, it really is.”

#2. Weird fetishes.

“Probably my weird fetishes relative to sex. My partner just so happened to have the very same so here we are wearing latex suits and calling each other names.

Edit: A lot of these responses have been pretty hilarious and genuinely “heartwarming”.

Thanks guys.”

#1. Not overly different.

“Having sex with a girl on her period. Always thought it was very wrong.

Turned out to be not overly different.”

Well then… those were a lot of lines being crossed, yeah?

Which of these really raised your eyebrows?

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