15 People Confess Their “Strange Addictions”

Photo Credit: TLC

If you’ve never seen the television show My Strange Addiction…honestly, I’m sort of jealous. From eating their cat’s hair to coffee enemas, there seems to be no limit to the weird stuff human beings get “addicted” to these days.

What I’m trying to say is brace yourself before reading through the 15 confessions below.

#15. Chewing

“Chewing the inside of my mouth.”

#14. Only in albums

“All of my music is in albums. Only like one song? Well shit, have to download that album. Song only released as a single? Put it in a folder and pretend it’s an album.

I have Pendulums Hold your Colour 2 times, once in the 2005 and once in the 2007 version because they changed 2 songs but my brain is not satisfied if I only have those 2 changed songs.”

#13. It’s so satisfying

“I crack my ankles incessantly, sort of like how one might crack their knuckles. Idk what it is but it’s so… satisfying.

Edit: a word.”

#12. Stress relieving

“It’s extremely satisfying to pluck my pubes. It’s like, stress relieving. Strange, but stress relieving/addictive.”

#11. Like I can’t breathe without it

“Nose spray. Been on it since I was a kid and feel like I can’t breathe without it. Menthol is my favorite.”

#10. Sounds so good

“When I am out walking in wooded areas I spend a lot of time trying to find pine cones to stand on.

I do it because when you find a suitably dry one it feels amazing and sounds so good.

Do it. Tends to work best if they are stood upright.”

#9. Addicted to picking

“This is so gross but I am addicted to picking. Pimples, dry skin, scabs, anything pick-able I will dig at it till I bleed. No I am not on drugs. It’s so bad that I am contemplating hypnosis.

EDIT – wow didn’t realise I wasn’t the only obsessive compulsive picker, nor did I realise it was an actual condition. Not sure how to feel about the fact that this is a diagnosed disorder though 😐 Thanks for the tips and advice kind strangers!”

#8. Avoiding phone calls

“I’m addicted to avoiding phone calls.”

#7. Picking and pulling

“Picking the skin on the side of my nails and toe nails. Pulling my eyelashes and eyebrows.”

#6. Specifically from old books

“Eating paper (although I don’t do it as much now). Not any paper though but specifically paper from old books – you know, this yellowish/brownish thin paper that smells really nice. I’ve been eating it since probably 12 and till about 27 or so. I’d just get some old book and keep tearing sheets of paper from then and chew them for some time and then gradually break them into pieces and swallow. Can’t even count how many books I’ve eaten this way, but at some point I had a drawer stuffed with book covers with no paper inside.
Now, you’re probably thinking “There’s no way it’s good for you”, which makes sense, but somehow I never had any health problems because of it, so I didn’t really have any motivation to stop, plus I was craving paper so much. Later I found out that it’s likely I have Pica disorder, which makes people crave uneatable things, but didn’t know where I could get help for it, so I continued.
Anyway, now I moved to another country and didn’t bring any old books with me, so I don’t really eat paper as much anymore (except for occasional pieces of toilet paper or tissues). But whenever I go back to the place where I grew up (which has plenty of old books), I sometimes still can’t resist and end up eating paper again.”

#5. Daydreaming

“I will listen to music for hours on end while walking around a room, imagining various stories and scenarios.”

#4. 100%

“Making sure my nose is 100% booger free.”

#3. 7 so far

“Donating sperm to lesbians.

I started off donating to some friends then they began recommending me to other lesbians through a fb group.

It’s so rewarding and I’ve fathered 7 so far.”

#2. Alongside Steve

“This one guy named Steve on YouTube. He’s like 60-something years old and I’ve been watching his videos for over 10 years now. All he does is post videos of him talking about mundane things in a monotone voice, and he doesn’t really do anything aside from hang around his house and play video games, from what I can tell. But I love his videos. They’re really weird and the fact that he’s been doing it regularly since like 2005 just makes it that much better. I feel like I’ve grown into adulthood alongside Steve. Although Steve has literally been doing the same things for the last 10+ years, whereas I’ve done a few different things, maybe.”

#1. Other brands are just not as good

“Band-aids!! I love band-aids. I have an entire drawer under my bathroom sink full of different styles/types of band-aids. But only Band-Aid brand… other brands are just not as good.”

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!