15 People Discuss Good Examples Of “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”

You’ve probably seen or heard people online use the phrase “this is why we can’t have nice things.”

My partner and I use it often because we have toddlers in the house, and we literally can’t have anything nice because they rip it up or write on it or whatever.

In the grander scheme of society, though, and example would be how everyone has to take off their shoes at the airport because of the one guy with a shoe bomb, etc.

Here are 15 other things we’re all not allowed to have because a few people just couldn’t handle it.

15. It’s weirdly intimate.

Taking your shoes off at the airport.

I thought I could get away with the shoe part by wearing flip flops when I flew at LAX in July.

Nope. They have to come off too. I guess I have to expose my feet to a gross carpet regardless of footwear.

14. I bet this caused some trouble at home.

My brother choked on a candy they gave out at a bank and so they had to stop giving it out.

13. They could have at least invited you.

Neighbors caused our water rent to go up since they love to have pool parties so often.

It’s an apartment, and everyone has access to the hose, so to make up for the neighbors using so much of the water, the landlord charged us all more.

12. Just say no.

Having to show my driver’s license and ‘solemnly swear I won’t cook meth” every time I need to get more allergy meds.

I had to get some Sudafed from Wal-Mart the other day and there is a, like, 17 page screen you have to flip through and sign on the little credit card screen thingy.

And the crazy thing is meth is as readily available as ever.

11. Our kids are so deprived.

Whatever stopped them putting toys in cereal!

10. It doesn’t even really work.

The TSA.

What’s worse is they’re fairly ineffective and barely more than security theater

Sucks to think every time you get felt up by an agent it’s a pointless violation.

9. We all have to pay for the speed demons.

Speedbumps installed on streets to prevent drivers from speeding through the area.

The thing that drives me crazy on speed bumps is SUVs and trucks just glide over them, so they start installing those thicker ones with hard ridges. It slows the trucks down, but makes anything with even slightly “sporty” suspension hell to drive over.

There’s the rare bumps I feather my stock Mazda 3 over because it’s just such a jarring experience. Even bigger of a fuck you if you have a baby sleeping in the back, or have a drink in the cup holder, or worried about precariously loaded groceries.

8. Those pen thieves.

Not necessarily intentional but, fixed pens in banks/desks/etc.

Most of the time as a left-handed person it’s hard to write because it’s fixed for right-handed people, but I’m sure it’s still inconvenient for most in general.

It was done because people keep pocketing the pens (be it on purpose or not, but more often not, subconsciously) and no one notices.

7. One clueless employee.

Most of the instructions that were in my summer job’s employee’s handbook, were written because of an incident with some clueless employee.

One year, a guy wanted to leave during his shift, while clocked in, to go to the bank. The reason why? After his shift ends, the bank is closed. The next summer, there was a rule about leaving work during your shift.

6. Biters are rough.

when an incentive program had to be set up in elementary school so i would stop biting people.

5. Why are people like this?

Not being able to sit on public toilet seats.

The amount of times a toilet isn’t flushed is super infuriating. Doesn’t even have to look clogged.

4. It was a joke for a reason.

Thin lockers. I had to put everything out of my backpack every morning because some chodes kept shoving people into lockers.

3. This should be illegal.

ads in videogames I PAID for.

This debate will go on forever.

What makes money vs what makes a good experience for the user? And are those mutually exclusive?

2. Because no one actually works there.

Tools being locked up at Home Depot.

So annoying trying to find a person who either has the key or knows the combination – and then they have to bring it to the counter for you.

Extremely frustrating.

1. Because some people dump the whole thing in their bag.

Taco bell near me doesn’t have sauce packets sitting out. You have to ask for them.

When the first McDonald’s was installed in my country about 30 years ago, there were ketchup and mayo dispensers. You could get as much as you wanted. Some people started using those dispensers to fill big jars to take home. Didn’t last long.

Imagine how we could all be living if a few people hadn’t ruined it for the rest of us?

What’s something else that belongs on this list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!