15 People Discuss What They Can’t Believe Folks Really Like

You really like that?


Okay, it’s your life…but I think you’re making a big mistake!

Now that we’ve listened to my inner dialogue, let’s hear from AskReddit users about what they can’t believe people really like.

Take a look!

1. Very weird.

“People who are enamored by currently incarcerated m**derers.

The fact that people write fan letters or letters of love to people who have m**dered their spouse and loved ones is insane to me.”

2. Scaring the kids.

“At Christmas there was a rash of videos of people dressing up as the Grinch and running into a house and stealing Christmas presents in front of the kids. Freaked the poor kids out and there was always a handful of adults in the background filming and laughing.

That’s just horrible! Why/how could you do that to kids? Upset them and make them cry for amusement.

Like the preschool teachers who put on masks and scared all the kids. And continued to terrorize them. Despicable is the only word to describe it.”

3. Burned out.

“Being busy or making plans every day.

I NEED alone/rest time at least one day a week where I have no plans or obligations, anything less and I burn out.”

4. Not cool.

“Those kid shows where parents exploit their children to make content.

Especially the prank kind.

Anyone who lets thier kids watch that sucks too.”

5. Ahhhh!

“Filler injected, gigantic fake lips.

We had a customer yesterday that wasn’t facing me. I greeted her, and when she turned around, I was stunned. She looked like an anthropomorphized frog.

Huge cheek injections, lip injections, chin job, nose job, etc. The works. Genuinely kinda startled me.”

6. All about drama.

“Drama culture.

That whole Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, Kardashians, etc all feed off the same thing.

Fake drama and people eat that s**t up.”

7. Get rid of it!

“That freakin “oh no, oh no, oh no no no no” song that seems to be on every second Tiktok video.”

8. Boggles the mind.

“I can’t believe the amount of commercials people are willing to sit through on live TV.”

9. You see it everywhere.

“‘Live, laugh, love’ signs. and wall art, crates, plates and dinnerware, jumpers, socks, jewellery, tattoos, water bottles. or any other item with a slogan akin to “it’s gin’o’clock!””

10. Yowza!

“People who pierce their g**itals.

You get caught on something you are 10/10 f**ked.”

11. No fun.

“Hosting parties.

I’ve done it and it stresses me the f**k out.”

12. Sounds bad.

“Aggressive neurotic dogs.

I have a couple of friends that have them, they belong to these larger deeper groups of people. They’ll post on Facebook about being bitten because an ambulance drove by or their neighbor was out leaf blowing. Dogs they can’t leave home alone for risk of injury or destruction, they don’t like folks in hats, can’t be pet sat or go to the vet without being sedated.

I love my dogs but could never accept having a vicious neurotic one who bit me and destroyed my home.”

13. Just imagine…

“Those cars with the mufflers intentionally removed so the engine is louder.

Imagine thinking that it’s cool.”

14. Looks terrible.

“The long fake, ridiculously thick fake eyelashes to go along with the fake, gawdy, talon-like nails.”

15. I don’t get it.

“Following and constantly watching the life of influencers.

I’m not talking about people that produce content, I’m taking about these Instagram lifestyle influencers that are posting what they eat, where they travel, what products they received for free etc.

I don’t get why someone could be interested in that,i couldn’t care less about what a person i don’t know is doing during the day.”

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