15 People Discuss What They Know Is True Even Though They Have No Evidence

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There’s A LOT of this going around these days, huh?

It seems that over the past few years, everyone has turned into an expert about law, politics, the military, history, etc.

You name it and they know all about it!

No, of course they don’t have any real evidence to back it up, but you know…they just know.

Let’s check in with folks on AskReddit to see what they just KNOW is true, even though they don’t have evidence.

1. Not looking good.

“That 1-2 generations down the line, our use of technology will lead to extreme mental health issues.

My brain feels deep fried from time to time and I haven’t seriously started using a smart phone before I was already an adult.”

2. Who’s in charge?

“Since the Manhattan Project (building of the nuke during WWII by a small group of scientists with unlimited resources), governments and billionaires got spooked.

Science (with a capital S) is no longer a free market of ideas, where any good idea can get pursued.

Instead scientists are very carefully guided towards projects with the funding model that is quite, um, perverse.”

3. It is big business.

“That the funeral home by my house is run by some sort of criminal organization.

I always see the same gangster looking guys hanging out in front of it smoking cigars and drinking beers.”

4. The cycle.

“All natural things are a part of a cycle. Everything that has ever existed is natural. Everything is part of a larger cycle.

The universe is a cycle. The Big Bang is only a step in that cycle. Something came before. Lack of Entropy will not be the end. Something will come after.

Nature never makes just one of something. This has all likely happened “elsewhere”.”

5. Oh, great…

“My phone is listening to me, it’s simply not a coincidence any more how my targeted ads change directly related to and after a conversation.

People say we are just more predictable than we think but I mention something I haven’t even thought about for years and there it is on Instagram.”

6. Something out there…

“That there is other intelligent life in the universe.

We may never encounter it, certainly not within any of our lifetimes, but it’s out there somewhere.

The universe is too big for us to be the only ones.”

7. Could it be possible?

“That the entire U.S. mattress industry is a front for criminal organizations.

Virtually every city has more mattress stores than it needs. When was the last time you bought a mattress?

So then why does a city of 80,000 have like 7 separate mattress retail places within like six blocks?”

8. I’ve heard this before.

“Overpriced “art” is just money laundering for the rich.

Seriously, there’s garbage out there worth millions.

Meanwhile, I do art as part of stroke recovery, have a legitimately hard time creating, and I get a dollar or two at most.”

9. It’s a scary time.

“Between climate change and a probable environmental collapse, pandemics in a society that just doesn’t seem to give a sh*t, a seemingly irreversible declining middle class with a smaller but ever more powerful kleptocratic class, and global political ideology that is creeping closer and closer to totalitarianism…

That I have signed up my completely innocent and joyful 18 month old toddler to a life of suffering that will absolutely eclipse my own struggles and hardships.”

10. Some people just know.

“That my life is better without children.

Been married 12 happy years and I’m sure that’s why.”

11. Are we doing it the wrong way?

“That people are meant to live communally. We come from tribal societies. Everyone today is trying to fill a void and find where they belong.

I believe this is because everyone subscribes to these intangible ideological tribes, but what they are actually looking for is the family like support network that our ancestors had.

Individualism is killing many of us. The American family splits up so easily.

People are so much stronger and happier together, especially when they belong to a small collective community where people are trying to better the community and not just themselves.”

12. You never know…

“Most company CEOs don’t really know what they’re doing.

Whether their business thrives or fails has more to do with luck than anything else.

There are exceptions, but most of them have a completely warped sense of their own “brilliance”.”

13. Making us fat.

“Americans were plumped up by the Defense Department beginning in the 1960s in expectation that they would need to survive a post nuclear holocaust where there would be no food.

Factory farming of animals began around this time. Obviously they did it under the guise of good old american capitalism, innovation, fast food, etc.

But the path was paved and paid for by the Defense Department in partnership with the Department of Agriculture to store food in silos, raise animals indoors away from nuclear fallout, and develop corn based preservative filled foods that would last 10 years on a shelf.”

14. Helped turn it around.

“I believe I am responsible for Alex Rodriguez turning around his horrible season in 2009. Yes, I know that many sports fans think they can influence a player or team, but I really did it, folks. Allow me to explain.

Like many Yankees fans, I was frustrated with ARod. He was always a bit of a d*ck, and he choked in high pressure situations. It seemed he’d only get the big play when the Yankees were already clinched to win a game, but never when we really needed that hit.

So, ARod started off the season abysmally. By the time the Yankees came to Atlanta, his average was at .213. You see, I live in Atlanta, so I bought the whole series. It’s only 1 out of every 6 years that my boys visit Atlanta, so I get the series every time they do.

Another thing is Yankees fans are really good at taking over stadiums. And the Braves are a fair weather team. So we were able to chant and cheer, and basically drown out the Braves fans.

We even were able to Yankee role call games 2 and 3. I’m sure you guys think that’s super disrespectful, but whatever, Go Yanks!

So we lose game 1 and ARod goes 0 for 4. He gets booed a few times because were getting fed up with this. Game 2 Joba gives up a HR to Frenchy in the 5th and we’re losing 1-0. Cervelli ties it in the 6th and then Jeter and Damon get on base. ARod is up and we need a clutch hit. But ARod never gets a clutch hit.

People were already starting to boo him. So I made a decision. If I can get him to be cheered on the road, maybe it’ll fire a spark and get him out of this slump. So I start going crazy with “Let’s go, ARod.” [Clap, clap, clapclapclap].

It picks up steam. The Yankee boos start to quiet and Yankee fans around me pick up my chant. After all, we need a clutch hit, so why not? It spreads as ARod’s at bat continues. Within about a minute, Turner Field is booming with an ARod chant.

I think it’s the first one I’ve heard in months, and it’s while they’re playing on the road. ARod crushes a liner to deep center and drives in both runs. Hell yeah, I still don’t like you, ARod, but attaboy. We end up winning 8-4.

So game 3, and I decided I’m chanting ARod all game. It’s my personal goal to get him out of this slump. So every at bat, “Let’s go, ARod.” [Clap, clap, clapclapclap]. First inning, he hits a 2 run homer. We all erupt. 2nd inning, the chant is louder, and he drives in Jeets with a single.

4th inning, we’re even louder and he reached on an error. 5th inning, ARod walks. 7th inning, he drives in Jeets and Damon with a single. And finally he strikes out in the 8th. But all in all, ARod went 3 for 5 with 4 RBIs. And he had Yankee fan support the entire game. Support that I hadn’t seen in months.

ARod went on to play the Mets and have solid outings. Steadily his batting average went up though from the .213 it was when he arrived in Atlanta to .286 by the end of the regular season. Then he absolutely crushed it during the post season.

So, yeah, I contributed to that. I know players can get hyped by the fans, so I figured I’d show him some support because even though I didn’t particularly like him, we needed his bat to perform.

I’ve actually changed my mind on him since he’s retired. As a commentator now, he’s actually really likable. And he clearly knows his sh*t. So, ARod, you’re good folk.”

15. Give it a shot!

“That gardening is the secret to happiness.

Sounds super strange, especially coming from someone like myself – an ex world of Warcraft gamer. I had kids, got busy with work, wanted out of the suburbs, got some land in the country, and started planting stuff. Years later I have what I call a food forest.

I have replaced lawns with fruit trees, bushes, vines, flowers, all woven together to mimic a natural forest – except everything in it is edible.

It has changed my life completely.

I just think there’s something about being outside in the sun, feet on soil, hands in dirt, planting sh*t. Watching it grow in the background of your life. Going out and checking on it and watching how much bigger it is getting. Watching life find it, and now you get to live WITH the natural world, not isolated from it.

Birds making nests in your trees, frogs making home in your ponds, seeing bees all around your flowers, butterflies everywhere. Rabbits and squirrels moving in, then owls moving in to eat those. It’s this wonderful trophic cascade that you started, and it’s incredibly rewarding.

Plus, being able to just walk outside and get chemical-free nutrient-rich dinner is amazing. You can see my food forest in my post history if anyone is interested in seeing what I’m doing.

I actually think a big reason depression is such a big thing these days is because we have all become so disconnected from the life that we evolved in for the last 6 million years.

We evolved walking around savannahs and forests, pulling food off bushes and trees, out in the sun, feet in the soil, hands in the dirt. We couldn’t be further from that, living inside our isolated homes, cars and offices. It’s no wonder we’re all so depressed.

I think gardening is the secret to happiness.”

Okay, now it’s your turn.

In the comments, tell us something that you’re absolutely, positively certain is true, even though you don’t have any evidence.

We look forward to hearing from you!