15 People Share Stories About The Weirdest Thing Their Roommates Have Ever Done

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Living with other people is a challenge, to say the least. Whether the other person is a romantic partner or just a roommate there to help split the bills, the adjustment to other people’s quirks and habits can be tough. Sharing space, coordinating schedules, all of it – but I imagine the task could seem insurmountable if your roommate did any of these 15 odd (and sometimes downright creepy) things.

#15. A full roll of toilet paper.

“Never uses a full roll of toilet paper. There is always at least a 1/4 Of the roll left when it gets tossed. I can’t figure out the reason.”

#14. On repeat.

“I used to live with a guy who would watch a particularly disturbing serial killer movie on repeat, in the dark while sitting about twelve inches from the TV screen. He would never look up or say hi when I would get home. Just sit there in pitch black watching women get murdered on repeat.”

#13. He pissed himself pretty frequently.

“Not so much weird as annoying: one of my housemates in college was a heavy drinker, which in itself wasn’t really an issue to the rest of us because he wasn’t really loud or belligerent about it. The issue, though, was that he pissed himself pretty frequently whenever he was really trashed, which is usually the condition he drank himself to. It got so bad that whenever he started drinking, we would all start encouraging, sometimes outright demanding, that he go to his own room before he passed out and pissed himself on one of the couches, or someone else’s bed (he had a habit if we were all hanging out of just getting up and wandering into someone else’s room and passing out in their bed).”

#12. I turned it right off.

“(College Roommate)

We’re taking a road trip to upstate NY (approximately 4 hour drive) and I notice that he has a CD-R titled “Conversations with John” on it. So I ask John what that is. He’s hesitant but tells me it’s a CD he listens to on long road trips. I pop it in and the 1st track starts.

(It’s John himself)

“Howdy Cowboy! How’s the road ahead?”

I turned it right off and we never spoke of it ever since.”

#11. Part of his bedtime routine.

“My roommate in freshman year of college was this really tall, total bro of a hockey player. When he went to bed one night, I was surprised to see from across the room he took an old stuffed bunny toy in pajamas from under his pillow and kissed it goodnight before hugging it close to him. I soon observed that this was part of his bed time routine, but I never mentioned it.”

#10. To great lengths for the lie.

“In college my roommate pretended he had a girlfriend who lived in England (we are in the US). Used to talk to her on the phone and everything while we would both be in the dorm. My roommate was fb friends with her of course and a few of her friends who he had “met while visiting her.” He used to talk about how much he missed her, especially having sex with her etc…..

Found out after I moved out she never existed. Fake profile, fake name, fake pics…… He was talking to no one (except himself) on the phone. I have no idea why he’d go to such lengths for this lie but I felt really weird about the whole thing once I found out.”

#9. So many burned dinners.

“Had a roommate that was easily distracted by things. Anything. He could have a thought about why stars are certain colors and then go on a mission to find out why. Or maybe it would be a curiosity of the air pressure in his tires.

The problem was that when this happened he would just wander off from whatever task or activity he was doing at the time.

So many burned dinners and messes left throughout the house.”

#8. I moved out the next month.

“Woke up to sound of shouting on bullhorns and found cops in backyard telling me to get back inside. Went to front of house to figure out what was going on, as I opened the door cops rushed up and escorted me out to street. Turns out one roommate threatened another roommate with a gun, and now that person was barricaded in his room with an army helmet on and bulletproof vest. There was seven others living there, some home, some not. Had to draw a diagram of all the rooms because cops couldn’t risk going in right away as we didn’t know who was all home or not. Roommate started to taunt cops by throwing lit strings of firecrackers at them. This all started at around 8 PM. At 4 AM he started to throw large objects off of his balcony at cops so they threw flash bangs and gas canisters at him on balcony. He managed to make it out of his bedroom, rush out the front door with gun showing, and two cops around blind corner from him rushed him and took him down.

Suffice to say I moved out the next month.”

#7. He wore my underwear.

“My first college roommate hated doing laundry, so he wore my underwear (without asking) when his was dirty.

It never felt like my underwear again after he’d been in it.”

#6. He got in a fight with a homeless lady.

“Oh man. Let’s see. He got in a fight with a homeless lady and lost, drank his own piss, got arrested after trying to use an invisible shield to move traffic out of the way (he was on foot in the middle of the street), and drank a smoothie which ingredients consisted of milk, his own blood, and his own semen. Dude lost his mind completely, and I ended up having to get a restraining order against him. 2018 was a hell of a year.”

#5. A nasty, vile man.

“Roommate used to come home late and drunk often, he would raid the kitchen and eat all the food.

Next day he would have no memory of eating it all, presume it was me who had done it then get cross.

I would be awoken by the sounds of things hitting my bedroom door, bumps, bonks, splats etc….

It was him throwing the mess at my door, would often wake up to food leftovers splattered all over the place,

Baked Bean, Yogurts, all sorts of random stuff.

Before I moved in, he had also covered up vomit with his Sofa instead of cleaning it up, which I later found out about.

Lived with him a year before I escaped, he was a nasty vile man.”

#4. He just grinned.

“Unplugged our microwave because he didn’t want the radiation leaking into the air.

Tried to tell him that our microwave isn’t nuclear and he just grinned and unplugged it again that night.”

#3. Just one of the super weird things.

“Not my current roommates, but I had a roommate in college that used to play Bittersweet Symphony on repeat all day, every day. From the minute I moved in, to even after I moved out (I moved down the hall to another kid’s room because this is just one of the super weird things he used to do, and I still used to hear it constantly playing whenever I’d walk by). I really used to like that song too, but it’s ruined for me now.”

#2. I…don’t even know what to say.

“EDIT: Since I had enough questions I thought I should go ahead and fill in the the details.

TLDR at the bottom.

Back in 2009 I had a roommate I am going to call Kate she as a nurse at plastic surgeons office. She had several issues and was a very convincing pathological liar. I knew this but we had lived for about a year and got along well enough. I just knew not to believe her most of the time.

Anyway, one night I was watching Lost when she came out of her bedroom and said she was going to the store to meet a guy. She was wearing jeans and a hoodie. I was watching TV and didn’t think much about it. I just said be careful and let it go. I ended up going to bed around midnight and she hadn’t returned home yet. I just assumed she had hooked up with that guy. Not her normal thing, but not unheard of. Just after I turned off the light there was a knock on my door. I got up thinking Kate had just lost her keys or something. I went downstairs in just my boxers and T-shirt and when I opened the door there were two uniformed police officers standing there. Then the questions started.

Cop: “Who are you” Me: ” I am Astelan101. I own this place.”

Cop: “Kate told us she owned this place and didn’t live with anyone. Is that your cat?” Me: “Uh, I bought his place in 2006 and have owned that cat since 2004. What is going on?”

Cop: “Kate was attacked tonight and she is at the hospital.” Me: “Oh shit! Is she okay?”

Cop: “Can we come in?” Me: ” Uh, yeah. Come in.” Now days, I probably wouldn’t agree without a search warrant, but things were different around here back then.

They came in and asked where her bedroom was. I pointed it out and one of them when in while the other stayed in the living room with me. The first cop came out of her room and went into her bathroom and was poking around. After they had been there for about half an hour, they finally started telling me what was happening.

Kate told them that someone had attacked her and sliced open her stomach and then dumped her at the emergency room. After being questioned a bit, she had claimed her date attacked her and had dumped her at the door, but wouldn’t tell them who.

At this point there were a total of 6 cops in my condo, going in and out of her room, and I was still in my boxers, I asked if I could go upstairs and put on some pants. They agreed but one of them had to go with me. While up there, he checked my tub, sink, towels, and dirty laundry to see if there was any blood.

After getting dressed and heading downstairs I realized I had acquired 2 more cops and a detective. She told me the story had changed and now Kate was claiming it was a med student from the local University that was trying to become a doctor. He was trying to remove a large scar that went the entire way across her stomach. He had hit something and then left her at the hospital. She talked to her partner and now it was she drove herself. The hospital was having fits because they thought a student was practicing surgery. Also at this point they are carrying stuff out of her room in paper bags.

Que 14 cops and 2 detectives in my condo. And then I finally get the whole story.

Kate had stolen scalpels, bandaging, packing materials, and drugs so perform surgery on herself. She had injected herself with local anesthetics and had taken a handful or barbiturates. She had cut herself open starting just below her ribs on the left side. Decided she didn’t like the angel so packed the wound and tried again a bit lower and more horizontal. She had apparently nicked something that shouldn’t be cut and started bleeding. She got dressed and drove herself to the hospital that was about 3 minutes away. She had lied to the hospital staff and cops when they arrived.

The cops hauled out all the supplies she had used along with a ton of drugs she had stolen. Nothing that would get you high, just stuff that would enable her to do the surgery. When they left they told me I would have to hire someone to clean up the blood.

At that point it was 5 am and they left. I had been up since 6 am in the morning before. I drove to the hospital to see her cause I was still in panic mode. I was eventually allowed to see her and she held my hand but wouldn’t say anything. They kicked me out around 7 so I went home and showered and came back. At 8 am I was told she didn’t want to see me, but I stayed anyway. About an hour later I was told that they were committing her to a local mental hospital.

No knowing what to do I went into work. I was there about an hour before my nerves finally broke and I told my boss what had happened and he sent me home. I went to Wal-Mart and picked up some heavy duty gloves and a large plastic container and went home to do some clean up. I was lucky and almost everything was contained to her comforter. I gathered that up, her sheets, and her… lets call it stomach material in the box (for the record, I couldn’t eat chicken for months). I took it to my parents place to burn.

Finally making it back home, I laid down on the couch to sleep around 1 pm. At this point I had been up for 31 hours and 13 of that under stress. Just as I dozed off I got a call from Kate. They were releasing her from the mental hospital and needed me to pick her up at 3. I wasn’t happy but I did it. As we were driving home she told me that she had convinced the doctors she had a mental breakdown from body issues, no food, and too many diet pills so they let her go. Given that I had dinner with her that night.. a large one at that, it was obvious she had lied to them,

In the following days Kate mostly stayed on the couch since she had been fired from her job and didn’t feel up to going anywhere. I finally kicked her out about three weeks later after she disappeared for two days. I didn’t want to deal with it. She left her bed and owing me about $800 for back rent. I never talked to her again. I do still have a copy of the incident report.

A few months ago, someone that had know us both asked me about her and I decided to look her up. She didn’t have a Facebook profile, but I could see where she was on her third last name. I should have stopped at this point, but curiosity…. The third last name led me to http://paperdollspenpals.com where I could see she was looking for a hookup while in prison. Her picture was attached to the ad so I knew it was her. She was in prison for credit card fraud, identity theft, resisting arrest, and about four other non-minor charges I can’t think of right now.

TLDR: in less than 24 hours my roommate gutted herself, was questioned by the police, committed to mental hospital, and released. She was in prison several years later with a host of charges.”

#1. There are no toys.

“Current roommate. He talks to himself. I once asked what he was doing and he described it as never giving up playing with toys, but the thing is there are no toys. He just paces around the living room with his hands clasped behind his back and if you walk in on him doing it, he just stops and stares at you until you leave.”

Choose wisely!