15 People Imagine Not-So-Terrible Tortures

Image Credit: Pixabay

If there were a place called Heck, reserved for those not good enough to go Heaven but not bad enough to go to Hell (ie: most of us), what sort of half-tortures would you devise?

These 15 people have some ideas

#15. Un-dustable.

Everything has a layer of dust but there is no way to clean any of it unless you wipe it off with your hands.

This leads to there still being some dust always stuck in cracks and corners that will never be reachable

#14. OCD nightmare.

A TV with one channel: a logo bouncing around that never hits the corner.

#13. The same questions.

Every time they check Ask Reddit it is the same questions as it was last week.

And they are gilded.

Thanks mate!

#12. They get toddlers and babies.

Instead of devils with pitchforks, they get toddlers and babies with sharp, sharp baby fingernails.

And they are obliged to care for these toddlers and babies. Who vomit or throw tantrums all the time

#11. This would be my uncle’s idea of heaven. Just saying.

Dinner is a nice, succulent, juicy steak, say a 2-inch cut of porterhouse or rib-eye.

Baked potatoes on the side, along with some asparagus.

A perfect red wine is paired with the steak.

Everything is covered in ketchup

#10. Worst.

Their socks keep falling down inside their shoes.

#9. Earbuds are torture when they work.

Earbuds but one side cuts out every 30 seconds

#8. Just enough to affect their skill.

They get to play an average online video game, not a terrible one, but it’s constantly lagging.

Not horrific lag either, that would be hell, just enough to affect their skill without being completely unplayable.

#7. Someone really got into this.

All the soda you want, but it’s always flat and room-temperature.

Every fork is missing two tines.

You get a new pair of shoes, but one shoe’s sole is 1/4-inch thicker than the other.

Every key is bent just a little bit, but every time you use it, it bends a little bit more. When it finally breaks, it WILL break off inside the lock, and the one locksmith in Heck is busy with everyone else’s broken keys. But stay on the line, your call is important to us.

You have to flip every USB connection four times before it goes in. And if you disconnect without “ejecting” it first, you lose all the data on the drive permanently.

Farts are now as contagious as yawns. And Fridays are what we call “Bean-stravaganza.”

Every day will have mandatory showtune hour.

Every smartphone will have a pre-cracked screen.

Pictures hung on the wall will never be perfectly straight.

Tables and chairs will always be a little bit wobbly.

#6. It’s a ten-year-old boy talking Minecraft.

Assuming I’m given powers then I’d choose the ability to strap them in a chair and tell a story that goes on forever and never quite gets to the point and goes on infinite tangents and when I reach the end of infinity I lose my train of thought and go “guess I gotta start over”.

#5. That would drive everyone bonkers in short order.

Everyone’s speech is lagging one second behind their lip movements.

#4. Forever??

You know when you feel itchy so you scratch yourself but then after you scratch one itch your itchy somewhere else?

And it’s not a strong itch, it’s just barely strong enough for you to want to scratch it?

Yeah that. Forever.

#3. And you can’t stick a foot out.

They’ll have to sleep on a bed that’s too cold without the blanket, but too hot with the blanket with no fan to balance it out.

#2. IDK still better than no TV.

Give them a TV that has two channels. One shows a live feed of what’s happening in heaven and the other for hell.

There is nothing else to do.

#1. Diabolical.

You have to listen to someone incorrectly explain to someone else how to use a piece of technology that you are an expert at.

I don’t know; some of those are pretty awful in their own way!

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