These 15 People Made ‘Marriage Pacts’ – Here’s How They Turned Out

Do you know someone who made one these pacts with a friend? The whole “if we’re both not married by the time we’re 30 (or 40), we’ll marry each other?” I personally don’t know anyone who has agreed to such a deal, but apparently it’s not as uncommon as I had imagined.

These AskReddit users talk about what became of the marriage pacts they made when they were youngsters.

1. Didn’t make it…

I had a “if we are still single” by 30 pact. We didn’t make it to thirty, I was 25 when he told me he wanted to be together. 9 years and going very strong.

2. Drugs are bad

My friend and I, both straight guys, made a pact for 40. “It would be funny. Just a couple of straight guys enjoying tax benefits.”

We’re not quite 30 yet, but our friendship is currently strained due to some actions on his part. Don’t do drugs.

3. Change

Did it, and it lasted 4 years. We had both changed too much.

That’s all I got to say about that.

4. Such is life…

Our deal was 28. He was my best friend. At some point in our friendship he slept with one of my friends, (18) I got the idea we obviously were just friends and we kept it at that… I started dating my now husband and he almost immediately moved home.

I found out later from a mutual friend that when I got into a serious relationship it crushed him because he was in love with me. He even offered to come back and take care of me when I ended up pregnant a few years ago. I would probably have married him if he would have told me how he felt. Oh well, such is life.

5. Barely

We were both 18 when we “jokingly” planned to marry if we were both still single at 40.

We barely made it to 25 before getting engaged.

6. Sad…

Back in highschool me and this awesome girl had one for the age of 30. I forgot about it because I got busy travelling and working my career, saw on facebook she got knocked up and looked awesome, then out of nowhere of no contact for a few years afterwards she messages me saying:

“Im getting married to blablabla, sorry”. At first I was happy and excited for her thinking nothing of it and why it came out of nowhere for a private message, then later that night after a couple beer I remembered our deal then got sad and had more beer.

Stoked for her though, she has a beautiful family in a nice quiet town. Meanwhile I’m a nomadic contractor who’s soul is destroyed who’ll be forever alone.

7. Let’s just skip it

Made a deal with a friend that we would get married at 35 if neither of us found anyone else by then. She decided to skip all that stuff after a few months and we’ve been together for almost 7 years now.

8. …interesting

Me and my bestie had the whole “if we are still single by 30” thing going. We made it to 28 and decided to just get married anyway. We met at 11 years old.

Also both of us are female but neither of us are gay. We just decided we’d rather live together as best friends than keep trying to find husbands we like more than each other.

9. Triangle

The woman I had the deal with is now married to the father of the girl who set me up with the woman who became my wife.