15 People Muse on the Most Well-Liked Person in the World

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Being universally well-liked is no easy task, particularly in this age of divisiveness and tribalism. Are there people out there who have accomplished it, though? These 15 people have some ideas on who they think they might be…the MOST well liked.

#15. Fun fact.

“Steve Irwin. Fun fact- He owned the same tortoise that Charles Darwin got from the Galapagos Islands!”

#14. It’s wonderful.

“Julie Andrews. I’m reading her memoir right now, but I can hear her voice in my head, like she’s reading it to me. It’s wonderful. The only thing more enjoyable would be if I could actually listen to it on audiobook. (But I can’t afford that. So physical copy it is!)”

#13. Won’t you be my neighbor?

“Mr Rogers.”

#12. In the entire world.

“In the entire world I’d have to say Buddha.”

#11. Uh. 

“Jeff Goldblum. Life, uh, finds a way.”

#10. Isn’t it crazy to think?

“Isn’t it crazy to think that just a few short years ago the answer very well may have been Bill Cosby?”

#9. When he does comedy stuff.

“Patrick Stewart. I love when he does comedy stuff. After seven years of ST:TNG, it’s extra hilarious to see him call a bunch of gophers “motherfuckers.”

#8. The most likable man in the world.

“Tom Hanks. I think he’s the most likeable man in the world but my aunt has had this weird lifelong hatred of him. He just annoys her and she can’t even articulate why. She was just like “He drives me mad! Especially in that bloody ridiculous thing where he falls in love with the basketball”.”

#7. The correct one.

“All of those good answers but they are ultimately wrong.

The correct one is Terry Crews.”

#6. Internet love.

“Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.”

#5. Quite clearly.

“QUITE CLEARLY David Attenbrough”

#4. He is awesome.

“Keanu Reeves. I’ve posted this before, but from personal experience he is awesome. I worked with him on a film for 6 weeks last year and everything people hear about him is true. He is respectful towards everyone, intelligent, quiet, private and extremely professional. The only knock against him is that his private demeanour might give some people the wrong impression at first, but he does warm up to people once he knows you or has seen you at work for a few days. All in all, he was an absolute pleasure to work with and is one of the few actors I sincerely want to work with again.”

#3. They are lovely flowers.

“Bob Ross.

This is an excerpt from my time on deployment while in the Navy a few years back. I’ll just leave it here for you:

A little before midnight, I rolled out of my bottom rack and crawled into my uniform. The way the watch rotation works, my two roommates were also climbing out of their racks. We usually leave the red emergency lights on at night but for some reason, the last person to climb into bed forgot to flip the switch all the way from white to black to red so it was pitch black in the space (I’m looking at you Disbursement Officer). Turning on the light, we might well have activated a small supernova in the overhead. Never has a phosphorescent bulb been so bright. From there, I made my way down to the mess hall while my roommates proceeded up to the pilot house for watch (suckers).

Dinner was reheated chicken, stale cardboard with vomit on it (otherwise known as pizza), and beans… just beans. Sitting down in the messdeck, I looked about to see everyone in there, about 15 people in all, completely transfixed upon one of the four TV’s spread across the room. Bob Ross was on every single one painting a log cabin set among a forest in a Colorado valley. “Aren’t those mountains just majestic.”

I asked the Communications Officer, who is in charge of the channel selection that the ship receives, about this later that day. Apparently the Navy bought a licensing agreement for The Joy of Painting. The Military (not just the Navy but the entire damn military) has a dedicated channel that runs all 31 seasons of the show on loop… 24/7/365. “We want a nice little stream here. Just a few dabs. We don’t want to make it angry.”

I sat and I ate and I watched. I watched Bob Ross paint a cabin in the woods. I watched him paint a mountain range. I watched him paint a field of flowers. I looked around and identified the Damage Control Officer who should have been asleep but was instead, awake, sipping coffee, and watching Bob Ross paint. “This is how I get my zen on,” he said when he noticed me looking his way. Eventually, I had to get up and go stand my watch in CIC.

“Look at those flowers, aren’t those some lovely flowers.”

Yes Bob, they are lovely flowers.”

#2. Where does she get off?

“Dolly Parton. That bitch wants kids to read and so she sends them free, age appropriate books! Where does she get off?!?”

#1. Marvel boys.

“I’d honestly argue that a lot of the guys who play Marvel characters are. Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, Tom Hiddlestone, Tom Holland, RDJ (new him, not old him, yikes) etc. They all seem like such great, genuinely nice guys.”

Agree? Not? The jury is definitely still out.