15 People Muse on Things That Are Too Dangerous to Forget

I love the random questions on Reddit, especially the ones with answers that really get you thinking. People are really creative and funny, especially when they’re answering questions with unidentifiable usernames, right?

And when someone asked “what’s something too dangerous to forget?” people really put their thinking caps on!

Or they just said the first thing that came to mind. Either way.

15. One for the modern age.

Mute and turn off the camera when you are done interviewing.

14. And make sure you don’t have some on accident.

What you are allergic to

13. There’s nothing scarier than realizing you’re not sure how you got home (and you’re sober).

That you’re driving.

12. Yes, even if it’s a big kitty.

That the beautiful wild animal is still a wild animal.

11. Ugh, the worst feeling when something you’ve worked on gets ruined.

That you had something in the oven.

10. Wait, really? There’s no recovery system for that?

The master password to your digital vault.

People have lost hundreds of millions of dollars from forgotten passwords.

9. Nothing makes you hate yourself more.

Unsubscribe before free trial ends

8. That could lead to some serious trouble. Or some unintended humor, depending on your meds.

Whether or not you took your meds for the day.

7. Say it again for the people in the back.



It WILL make the fire grow.

If you have a grease fire, place a metal lid or flat pan over the source of the fire to deprive it of oxygen. Turn off the heat source.

If you can’t do a lid, pour baking soda on it.

6. I keep telling my husband this.

Cleaning out your dryer vents regularly.

If they become completely blocked, it can lead to a house fire.

5. Just call an expert.

Under the right circumstances, electricity can kill you instantly.

And unless you’re an electrician, you probably don’t know what the right circumstances are.

4. To turn off any hot appliance, to be honest.

To turn off gas stove.

3. First thing we did when we moved into a new house.

Installing a carbon monoxide detector

2. Why do our brains not compute this?

That the handle of the frying pan you stuck in the oven will be violently hot if you don’t use an oven mitt to pull it out.

Or if you forget the handle is still hot after pulling the pan out and walking away for 10 mins.

1. Thanks for the anxiety nightmare, random internet person.

Low head dams (aka weirs).

They are basically drowning machines. They look like an insignificant drop of just a few feet, but the recirculation they form is so powerful that they can not be escaped.

I never would have come up with some of these, would you?

What would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments!