15 People on How Their Ex Became Their Ex

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There comes that moment in many relationships when you think to yourself, “it’s over.” You may have been ruminating on it for awhile, or it might have popped out of nowhere, but the fact remains that once it’s been thought, you can’t un-think it.

The beginning of the end, as it were.

And these 15 people are ready and willing to dish on what exactly made that moment happen for them.

#15. That’ll do it.

She got pregnant with another guy’s child.

#14. She hired two guys to rob me.

When I was nearly robbed. Before the story came out she said damn I didn’t know that your great great grandparents medals were stolen. She fucking hired 2 guys to rob me cuz I told her my brother was having an serious asthma attack and I’ll be at the hospital. She wanted to show me that she found the medals

#13. A suckerpunch.

My girlfriend was verbally abusive on a regular basis. She would also get physically abusive when she drank too much. She wasnt really strong enough to hurt me seriously, but when the person you love starts trying to suckerpunch you it is really frustrating. I still miss her a lot.

Some days she was wonderful and the sweetest person ever. Others she was bitter, angry, and would do anything to try to get a reaction out of me by insulting me. Started to become my insecure high school self after a while and had to give up.

She dealt with a lot of really horrible abuse in her past and I didn’t want to ever be the next abuser because of my own anger and frustration so I had to let her go. Still miss her. Still love her. Wish things had been different

#12. A petty argument.

He punched me in the face after a petty argument.

#11. So many things.

Faked a pregnancy when I tried to break up.

Cheated (multiple times).

2 real suicide attempts when i tried to break up.

Fake rape claim threat when i tried to break up.

My hands started sweating and my heart was racing when I saw pictures of her recently. This happened over 2 years ago. This tiny girl terrifies me.

#10. You’re a garbage human.

I was in the emergency room with kidney stones (didn’t know it was kidney stones at the time, just knew I was in the most pain I’d ever been in). She got pissed because “you’re not paying attention to me.” Seriously, I’m in a fucking emergency room hooked up to an IV with pain killers flowing through me, at this point I’m half conscious cuz of the morphine, & apparently I’m a piece of shit for not paying attention to her. It came to a head when I asked her to get a nurse because something didn’t feel right (they had gave me something I was allergic to & I was starting to have an allergic reaction). She said, “Fine, I’ll just be your babysitter.” At that point I just told her to go home, that her negativity was making me feel worse. She got all pissy, threw a fit, and left in a rage. Next day I didn’t even call her for a ride back home when I got out of the hospital, I called my aunt & had her drive me home. The moment I got home I started packing my shit. If you have to be the center of attention & can’t feel any empathy whatsoever while I’m in the goddamn emergency room, you’re a garbage human I don’t want anything to do with.

#9. Yeah…nope.

Been married 18 years, so my ex was an ex from about 23 years ago.

Reason he’s my ex? Got my “friend” preggers, when I confronted him he suggested we stay together and have threesomes. Yeah… Nope.

#8. It was all a coincidence.

Said she wanted a change…. coincidentally at the same time that I finished paying for her college.

#7. His words not mine.

He cheated on me. His excuse was “It wasn’t anything sexual. I just wanted to show her my dick then she grabbed it and put it in her”.

His words not mine.

#6. It just didn’t click.

He was truly a phenomenal person but something just didn’t click romantically. I just didn’t feel the way I thought I should have felt about him.

#5. Life was a cabaret.

She didn’t want to commit, but she didn’t want to be alone. She liked to pretend that she didn’t need my company, and that life was a cabaret, but she did, and it really wasn’t for her. Something in her was afraid of getting too close. I just got tired of it.

#4. I still love her.

Well, she passed away so I guess she is my ex now. I still love her.

#3. One thing in common.

Turned out the only thing we had in common was that we both liked to eat pussy.

#2. A selfish a**hole.

Because I’m a selfish asshole.

Being a selfish asshole is fine if you’re by yourself, and want to be that way, but other people tend to not like it very much when looking for company.

#1. It was toxic.

I realized it was a toxic relationship when he got mad at me for not wearing makeup.

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