15 People Open up About How They Knew Someone Was Obsessed With Them in an Unhealthy Way

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I’ve had friends tell me about getting stalked by people who became obsessed with them and it is downright scary.

For some folks, a switch just flips and they become infatuated with people to such an unhealthy degree that something needs to be done about it.

Has this ever happened to you?

Here are some pretty creepy stories from AskReddit users about when they realized someone was obsessed with them in an unhealthy way.

1. Really creepy.

“I was bartending at a local hole in the wall and I had a regular that was nice & flirty (typical bartender/customer stuff). One day he says to me “You were at John’s* house Sunday morning. You guys a thing?”

I asked him how he knew I was there & he said he saw my car. I was a little taken aback but I was parked on the main road & my car was fairly distinctive, so I didn’t think much of it. A couple weeks later he’d made a joke that I was never home, cos my car was always gone when he passed by.

That made the hair on my neck stand up, but again I don’t exactly live off of the beaten path, so ok. When I really 𝙠𝙣𝙚𝙬 that it was more than casual observations was when he started complimenting me on different outfits & hairstyles I wore on my days off or prior to my shift.

He’d also make comments about receiving packages or coming home with after shopping (“You should find someone who would carry those groceries into the house for you. I’d never make you carry the bags in the house after all that shopping you did on Saturday.”)

It was really creepy and I couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched for a long time.”

2. Followed.

“This guy at college would follow me EVERYWHERE. One day, I just went out to buy my lunch and he came with me. He didn’t buy anything, just followed me. Even when I told him he was making me uncomfortable, he still would not leave me alone. I didn’t wanna sound rude though.

Eventually, I started trying to get on the bus with me when I would head home. That was the last straw for me. The next time He tried to follow me onto the bus, and actually managed to step on, I pushed him off and urgently told the driver to close the doors.

The driver instantly took the hint and shut them. I told him the guy was stalking me, showed my student ID which allowed me on the bus for free, and took a seat.

The next day, the guy had the audacity to ask me why I didn’t let him to home with me. I told him to stop following me around from then on.”

3. DON’T send nudes.

“When she started sending nudes to my work email because I asked her to stop contacting me. I changed my snapchat account and blocked her number, but my work email is on my company’s website, so she found it.

That was a awkward conversation with my IT guys.”

4. Ex-girlfriend.

“When I was stationed in Korea and my ex girlfriend kept emailing my wife from different emails pretending to be women in Korea that I was cheating on her with.

My wife and I had a pretty good laugh about it and she eventually came clean. Her husband was not happy about her still obsessing over me.”

5. At church.

“My husband was deployed in Afghanistan so I had to go to church alone. One week, an older man (maybe 65) approached and said, “Can I sit here?” I said sure. We had a bit of conversation and he said, “My wife died a few weeks ago and I was just praying this morning for God to send an angel I could sit with at church today.” He seemed like a sweetheart, I felt bad for him.

He sat next to me for a few weeks in a row. It didn’t bother me too much. I brought him some homemade jam. He told me about how his son was also deployed.

I mentioned he should really try getting into a church small group, that it would be great company for him. I set him up with one of the best. He said he wasn’t sure how to get to the venue. If he gave me his number, could I tell him where the place was? He was confused. I said, sure.

Well, once I texted him the directions, I don’t think he ever went to the group, but he had my phone number. He started calling 8+ times a day, saying “Hello beautiful” and begging me to meet him at Waffle House.

For the remainder of my husband’s 6-month deployment, I did not go to church. I was really worried about running into that guy. I blocked his number and luckily have never seen him again. Months after my husband got back, I told him what happened and of course he was livid.”

6. Total psycho.

“I broke up with a physically abusive boyfriend, and at the time I worked about a 25 minute drive from where I lived (always drove the same road home).

My schedule never changed and I began seeing his car and occasionally his friends’ cars along my drive, always parked off from the road a little and around some seriously sharp corners. At first I didn’t think anything of it, until it began happening at night (I’d do inventory every Tuesday night and be at work until 10pm; this was my only full night shift).

This went on for about a month, until I started switching my routes to and from work because I was getting creeped out. Easter ended up rolling around and I, again, had to stay late to help my coworker change the signage (I worked at Subway). It was getting close to 9pm, and the work phone began ringing off the hook (was my ex).

My coworker, who knew what was going on, just muted the phone and we continued doing what we needed to do. Shortly after we saw my ex standing outside, in the middle of the road staring into the restaurant.

I hid behind the counter as soon as I could and my coworker ended up telling me when he left. Got calmed down until we got to my car to find out he broke into my car and left a bunch of weed and a threatening note.

I bought a new car the next week; fully equipped with a very loud alarm.”

7. Trying to be friendly.

“As a bus driver you’re expected to be cheerful and chat with whoever while idle. A regular passenger started riding around, always in the front seat. Over a week or two the conversation got quite personal, always by her initiative.

I told my supervisor about this just to cover my ass. Then she started to bring me gifts, cookies, candy beverages. Finally, she invited me over for a meal, so her mom could meet her boyfriend! I had zero interest in the young woman, didn’t want anything to do with her.

Luckily, she moved or just avoided the bus during my shift.”

8. Stalked by Dad.

“When my dad showed up to my place of work.

We had been estranged, but he knew I worked at Starbucks and had traveled from location to location to figure out where I had transferred to and when my shifts were scheduled.

Even had the balls to call the store and pretend to be me to get my schedule information. I saw his vehicle parked out front and freaked out and ran inside.

He followed in after about thirty minutes (right as the morning rush was hitting full swing) and started berating me in front of all my coworkers and customers.

Thats the day I went and learned about restraining orders.”

9. No thanks.

“When he started acting like he couldn’t survive without me directly by his side at all times. I had met him a week earlier, only spoke to him briefly, and never flirted or had any romantic or sexual interactions with him.

He literally just stalked me and physically put himself at my side like a Siamese twin, going as far as pushing other people away from “his” spot, and threatening to kill himself when I brought it up with him. Yeah, no thanks.”

10. That’s kind of scary.

“My sister brought home “my” spiral notebook from school.

She thought it was mine because it had my name written and doodled covering every page.

Turns out it was a girl who was obsessed with me.”

11. Online crazies.

“I was chatting with a gal online through a dating site.

She was nice enough and we were having good conversations, but had not yet even began speaking on the phone. It turns out a friend of hers was friends with one of my friends. Small world.

I’m at home one day puttering around and I hear a knock at my door, I look out the window and see a car I don’t recognize. My hink meter starts pinging so I pull a butcher knife, brace my foot so the door can only open a bit and crack the door.

She is standing there and tells me she got the address from my friend and asking to come in. I was weirded out and declined, she got upset and started crying and telling me how this was supposed to be a pleasant surprise. I tried to send her on her way gently and she got pissed and stormed off and drove away.

I thought that was it. Then she starts emailing me saying she loves me, then starts calling me, (my idiot friend gave her my number), and leaving gifts at my door that would be there in the morning.i lived in Mesa, AZ, she was in Tucson about an hour away. I eventually had to threaten her with a restraining order.

My friend had talked to hers about what was going on she said, “Oh yeah, she’s nuts, she’s done this before.”

I felt a lot better when I left the state.”


“Not me but my sister is obsessed with her ex. She cheated on him and is desperate to get him back. She constantly tries to get in touch with him like getting my little brother to FaceTime him through his iPad cause she knows he won’t answer her.

She says she thinks about him every day and will text him on holidays like Easter just to say have a nice day or whatever. They had a conversation and after that she looked up the program he was in at the college he goes to and found out that his program was canceled because of covid19 so she doesn’t understand why he hasn’t gotten in contact with her.

She wrote a letter a couple days ago and is planning to go to his house and leave it at his door. Originally, her plan was to pay me to go ring the doorbell and give it to him but like hell nah lol. Whenever I tell her to back off she just says I don’t understand cause I’ve never been in a relationship:/ it’s been months of crap like this.”

13. Obsessed with the teacher.

“It was really sad.

It was a High School student I was teaching. She found out where I lived and used to conveniently be in the area and then just parked in front of my house. I had to report her. We all met with the principal and a counselor.

She was a senior so we all agreed if she stopped doing that and take another class I wasn’t teaching, we’d let her graduate at the school.”

14. Fatal attraction.

“Had a friend.

She was a bit eccentric, we were really close until she started going totally off the edge – hid my bicycle, stood outside my house screaming obscenities, told everyone we had a sexual relationship, belittled my abusive past, screaming right into my face.

Tried to stab our common friend… Twice. The thing that pulled alarms in my head was when i told her I’ll be heading home from my boyfriends soon and she can come for a visit in a couple of hours if she wants.

Got home in under an hour, she was waiting near my apartment building and started accusing me of lying to her, there was absolutely no telling her that I wanted to settle a little, take a shower and eat something, I did not say I’d be home in two hours. I managed to cut her out of my life.

Few years later she started blowing up my mothers phone (one cant find my number anywhere) demanding for her to give my number explaining all this pretty lunatic nonsense, but how she needed me because I’m one of her apostles and she needs me to start her own religion, because she is “his son, another of Adam and Eve”, and this was not even the craziest shit.

Quite confidental seeing that a few years before this she was super paranoid about my mother since she works for the military. And yes, previously this girl had a delusion that she is re-incarnated Jesus.

After this I’ve heard through friends that I’m Peter, Venus and latest probably was that I’m a whore. So yeah that was the point I was more than sure she was obsessed with me.”

15. That’s wild.

“She went to my grandmother’s house and got my phone number from beside the phone on the little board in the kitchen…

…5 years after we dated and I had severed all ties with her and anyone that still associated with her.”

Yikes…be careful out there, everyone.

Have you ever had someone develop an unhealthy obsession with you? Or maybe someone even started stalking you at some point?

If so, please share your stories with us in the comments!