15 Awesome Cross Stitches That Speak the Truth

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I have friends who have taken up cross stitching, and I’m definitely not old. Older, sure, but not old. So when they started posting about their new hobby, I was a little confused as to how we got here.

But then they started posting their finished projects – their gloriously curse-filled, politically relevant, irreverent projects – and made me want to pick up a new hobby myself.

15. I have one of these that also has Ebola on it, because my friends understand horror

Photo Credit: Etsy, aliciawatkins

14. So many things about this are awesome

Photo Credit: Etsy, grammyshop

13. I’m sure this is a bestseller

Photo Credit: Etsy, grammyshop

12. “Kindly”

Photo Credit: Etsy, aliciawatkins

11. I need this one for sure

Photo Credit: Etsy, aliciawatkins

10. When you think it’s going to be a Bible verse until you get halfway into it. Teehee.

Photo Credit: Reddit, JustinKrump

9. Real talk

Photo Credit: Etsy, SasssyStitcher

8. Validation

Photo Credit: Etsy, Haft4Life

7. Favorite

Photo Credit: Etsy, grammyshop

6. Good art makes you think

Photo Credit: Etsy, Haft4Life

5. If you want to drop the F bomb, but in a cute way

Photo Credit: Etsy, HolyStitch101

4. I mean, they said please

Photo Credit: Etsy

3. A cross stitch for every home

Photo Credit: Reddit, sweetright

2. I just love inspirational art

Photo Credit: Etsy, Haft4Life

1. At least you know your type

h/t: Bored Panda

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