15 People ‘Quarantined a Book’ for Jimmy Fallon

Image Credit: Twitter

Just because Jimmy Fallon is broadcasting from home these days, it doesn’t mean he’s out of the game. He’s very much in the game, and when he asks people to hop on a hashtag, they do it.

He knows that people are hilarious, and now that they’ve piled on his #QuarantineABook hashtag, we all know it too.

Below are 15 of my favorites.

15. We all wear sweatpants.

We are all the devil.

14. I feel like it should be Sisterhood of the Traveling Sweatpants.

Nobody is perfect.

13. Coincidentally, this is the real title of the actual book.

I’m sorry; I couldn’t help myself!

12. This is definitely the story at our house.

I’m hoping we can detox after all of this is over.

11. It’s just as depressing either way.

But maybe not as exciting along the way.

10. Some people just really go above and beyond.

Overachiever much?

9. This works surprisingly well.

Though it’s not quite as sexy a title.

8. We could do this all day.

Because we never get tired of talking about Harry Potter.

7. See, we’re not done yet.

I’m betting there’s still more to come.

6. This is just way too real.

It might be too soon, too.

5. If only it took that long.

That’s a lot of laps in a normal house.

4. There must be something interesting here somewhere.

Have you checked the couch cushions?

3. This lady is me.

And this house is my house. I approve.

2. It’s not good to skip the love part.

It’s good for stress relief, don’t you know?

1. I’m just going to set this right here.

You know you love it, even though you might not want to.

I just love when he does hashtags; they’re always the best!

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