15 People Recall Some Long-Lasting Early Internet Mysteries

Some of us (ahem) have been on the internet for a long, long time – like, since before some of you were born. It was the wild west back then, without rules or really even any knowledge of what exactly we were diving into.

It was exciting, sure, but it was also dangerous and mysterious.

Some of those mysteries – like these 15 – are honestly still weighing on our minds!

15. This takes me back.

Who kicked my dog?

This is very early 00’s. ‘Your daughter she come to my house and she kick my dog’

14. How long indeed.

How long my geocities page would be “under construction”.

Diaryland was my favorite.

Livejournal was not my favorite.

13. Right?

Why did Charlie bite his brothers finger? It really did hurt.

Edit: original video has apparently been removed from YouTube.

12. It’s still a mystery.

The identity of the the two kids tied up and gagged in a van, from a polaroid photo found in a parking lot.

It was speculated that it might be Tara Calico and Michael Henley (both missing separately from NM, photo was found in FL) but agencies still ruled it as inconclusive and are continuing to investigate.

he mother of Tara Leigh Calico believes the girl in the photo is her daughter who went missing just 10 months before the polaroid was found, due to a scar on her leg that is seen in the photo. Scotland Yard thinks that it’s her, but USA authorities don’t think it’s her.

Relatives of Michael Henley who went missing the same year as Calico believe that the boy in the photo is him. This is obviously also inconclusive.

There was a development just in September in Calico’s missing case (an article which I can’t access but it is on Calico’s Wiki page:

In September 2021, the Valencia County Sheriff’s Office and the New Mexico State Police issued a statement that they have a new lead in the case, and that the focus of a sealed warrant for an unknown private residence located within Valencia County has been issued, however no further details were provided.

11. That’s probably classified.

Was it really Bill Clinton in that Limewire ad disguised as a Korn song?

10. Where are all the snakes?

Why was there only one snake? One would think that with all those badgers and mushrooms there would be more snakes.

9. Just crickets.

Where’s Lycos, Dogpile & Alta Vista?

8. The shock of our lives.

Who tf created those Limewire scam torrents.

All I wanted to do, is to download Limp Bizkit for my CD player and all I got was German p**n.

7. A demon of some sort.

Who made and circulated


on Kazaa, fully knowing it was some sh*%ty cover of Enter Sandman?

6. A question for the ages.

Honestly though, what the hell was Salad Fingers?

5. The most mysterious.

The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet

’80s new wave band makes a song that airs once on a German radio station and is recorded on cassette by a teenager. Years later, the guy with the cassette and his sister take to the internet to find the artist of the song. To this day the question remains unanswered.

No artist with sufficient proof has ever come forward. It’s actually quite a good song, if a little haunting. There’s a Reddit page for people actively searching for the mystery band.

4. We’re all still fascinated.

Made me think about those cicada 3301 riddles, has that been solved yet?

If I only had a doctorate in mathematics. I could figure out what they are on about.

3. We may never know.

Who wrote My Immortal?

I feel like we’ll never know. Someone came out a few years ago claiming to be Tara Gilesbie but it was a hoax. And there’s the us it a troll fic or a very very bad writer?

So many questions that need to be answered!

2. All of those mislabeled songs.

How so many songs got mislabeled. Like Bittersweet Symphony being by “The Verve Pipe” or “Oasis” or some shit like that.

You would think the original person that ripped and uploaded it would have known what they were putting up but I’d love to know the actual process for how names got confused and lost.

Like so many songs or bits that were mildly funny would get mislabeled as “Weird Al”.

1. It definitely didn’t matter.

Why we thought hit counters mattered.

Even though we deep down knew our crappy GeoCities Kovu/Vitani fansite would never hit more than 10 visitors.

Y’all, could we solve some of these? Surely the answer is yes!

What early internet mystery would you solve if you could? Let’s all reminisce together in the comments!