15 People Share Stories About When They Knew They Were in Love

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Sometimes you know in the moment and sometimes you don’t – but looking back, these 15 lucky people can pinpoint the exact moment they knew they were in love for real.

#15. His happiness really means the world.

“When I truly, genuinely realised that I valued his happiness as much as my own. He was telling me about his plans and ambitions, and I was excited for him, and absolutely thrilled when they progressed in any way. I love him so much, his happiness really means the world to me.”

#14. I could listen to it forever.

“When I first heard her sing along to the radio, she’s doing it now in the other room and I could listen to it forever.”

#13. I had never felt so awake.

“The very first night he and I hung out, we talked nonstop until 7 the next morning. That next day I had to go to work at 10am. I got to work and I had never felt so awake in my life. Almost five years later and I still get that feeling when I’m with him.”

#12. We went to the dentist.

“We’d been dating for a bit, I tickled her, she elbowed me on reflex, I spit my tooth out, she cried, I cried (for a different reason) we went to the dentist. That was the day. It’s also my favorite story.”

#11. I felt like I was going to vomit.

“When he kissed someone else in front of me and I felt like I was going to vomit and pass out.

He was a coworker, we weren’t dating and I never had such a strong physical reaction before.”

#10. Turns out…

“We were coworkers at a bar/restaurant when we met. I was adamant we were just friends and that I didn’t have a crush on her. But one night something crazy happened (I forget exactly what, it’s been several years) and I immediately started doing laps around the place trying to find her to tell her. I can’t find her to save my life. Turns out we were both circling the restaurant looking for the other person.

Edit: Thank you for the silver! My fiancé is also a redditor and is excited that so many people enjoy our story!”

#9. More than I can explain.

“Without me asking for it, she sent me her pillowcase, because it smelled like her.

To Afghanistan.

It meant more than I can explain.

EDIT: Well it looks like this is taking off, so additional information for ya — I married the everliving fuck out of that woman. She smacked me when I showed her this. Our second daughter is due in a few months.

And I still have that pillowcase.”

#8. Cartoon hearts.

“I was on a date with my now wife and we were looking for this dessert place called The Chocolate. For the life of me, I could not find it even though I’ve been there before. After probably ten minutes, we finally saw the sign and I loosely quoted Aladdin, “Ah, there it is…” in Jafar’s voice and immediately my date said, “That’s it?! That’s the place we’ve been looking for?!” in Iago’s voice.

I just looked at her with cartoon hearts floating around me. It was destiny.”

#7. We were like kids.

“All my social awkwardness and anxiety disappeared, and we spent hours just talking and laughing. She was instantly my best friend. We were like kids, laughing at the dumbest things, annoying everyone around us. I knew she was the one.

That was the first day I met her. Now we’ve been married for seven years”

#6. Halfway around the world.

“When he told me he’d move halfway around the world to be with me and did. We’ve been together over 2 years now.

Edit: Sorry, everyone. I posted this and went to bed not realizing this would blow up. I’m on mobile, so if the formatting sucks… sorry.

People are asking for more info, so here is some more. We met online (gasp!), actually. We are from two seperate countries. We were friends for over a year when I thought there might be more. He saved up money and visited me while I was doing my degree. This was about 6 months into our relationship. He stayed for about a month and I didn’t even get sick of him, not even once.

He left, I cried. He decided to sell almost everything he had to come be with me about 6 months after that. We’ve been living together for over a year now. He’s the one!”

#5. For some reason, I worry.

“I got worried when she would fly on a plane. I’m a rational man, and I know that it’s super super super unlikely that her plane would have any issues at all. But for some reason, I worry when she gets on one.

I also cry like a little bitch when she leaves.”

#4. Smiling like an idiot.

“Catching myself smiling like an idiot every time I get a text from them or seeing their photo come up on my screen (even though I know there’s a 90% chance it’s a butt dial.) Constantly thinking about them or noticing how my heart races when we spend time together.

Caught the feels hard.”

#3. I’m satisfied.

“For me it’s being in absolute bliss wrapped up in her arms. You’re surrounded by her smell, her heartbeat, her voice, the comfort of her physical presence. All of a sudden the constant thinking about her ceases because I’m satisfied.”

#2. She’s willing to be there with me.

“We were dating. I had a rough day. She just held me really tight and I started crying, so mad that I couldn’t control my emotions and struggling with clinical depression and upset that having a girlfriend wasn’t enough to “cure” my bouts of depression. She read my mind holding me there, told me, “I know, I know. But it’s OK. I’ll always be here. Fixing it isn’t something I can do. But I can make sure you’re never alone while you fight.””

I loved her then – and some small part of me always will. Not in the same way, 5 years later she left me, but I still love the part of her that defined what love is for me. At least I know what I’m looking for, now. Not a girl who will fix me, but a friend who knows they can’t but is still willing to be there with me while I fight.”

#1. Then tripped over the curb.

“For our first date we planned to meet for dinner. The dinner went so well we planned to go somewhere for a drink to continue the evening. We drove separately so I walked her to her car. Before I left to go to my car we confirmed where we were going and then she did a playful touch on my chest and then proceeded to trip over the curb walking away. She’s now my wife.”

What’s your moment? I hope you have at least one!