15 People Reveal How They Lost the Genetic Lottery

Genetics are a tricky thing. You could live your best life, eat healthy, exercise, avoid drinking and smoking and still end up with some horrible disease.

It’s tragic, but true.

In this AskReddit article, people share how they believe genetics cheated them.

1. Ugh

“My fathers family has early onset dementia, my mother’s family all live to be 100.

So I’m destined to lose my mind at 50, and spend the next half century wondering were I left it.”

2. That’s strange

“My great-grandfather had 3 kidneys. I’ve had kidney problems since I was a baby.”

3. That’s not good

“Absolutely shitty teeth. Some people don’t have to wear braces. It was crucial for me to wear them but my parents weren’t educated enough on the matter to make me wear them. So now, at 28 i’ve had more teeth surgeries than i can count, finally have them straight but the price and the pain i had to endure for them is 20 times more than i would have 20 years ago.”

4. No fun

“I’m Arab on my mum’s side and Italian on my dad’s.Basically I have to spend a lot of money on hair removal.

I’m a woman, for everyone asking.”

5. Bummer

“My orthodontist legit said I had a monkey face and that my jaw kinda went outwards and she said the surgery wouldnt be so costly, only for my dad to say we couldn’t afford it. Hits hard sometimes.”

6. Take care of yourself

“Both my grandfathers dropped dead at age 59.

Both from cerebral hemorrhages.

I have high blood pressure.

I’ll turn 52 this summer.

Tic, toc.”

7. One way…

“I am 6 ft tall and have the wingspan of someone who is 5’4. Basically a human T-rex.”

8. And the other…

“I’m 6’2 and have the wingspan of someone who’s 6’6. I look like fucking slender man.”

9. Luck of the draw

“Twin Gets Nothing, I Get:

•Colour Blindness

•3rd-Generation Acne


•Muscle Spasms

•Creaking Bones

•4th-Generation Early Arthritis”

10. Bad news

“I’m a woman. I have a hot mom but came out looking like my dad.”

11. That sucks

“Severe acne.

Looking back over old family photos, it seems to be a common feature. At least it’ll clear up at some point.”

12. Bad knees

“Knees. They just don’t work properly, even after the operations to keep them from dislocating. They always hurt.”

13. Squinting

“My ‘Beautiful’ light green eyes are so bad at denying light that I constantly squint, which leads to headaches.”

14. Damn him!

“Unibrow. My younger brother has thin half-eyebrows. Me (F) has one long, thick and bushy brow that goes from one hairline clear across to the other.

That rat bastard brother is also nearly completely hairless on his arms and legs. And blond.

That f*cker.”

15. Rough

“Psoriasis all over my torso/legs/scalp.

It’s kinda weird to bring it up on a first date as well, so I got ghosted an awful lot before finally getting it under control.”