15 People Share the Brands, Restaurants, and Companies They’ll Never Use Again


Do you have places or brands that you absolutely, positively, 100% will never support? Places that you boycott unconditionally?

There is one restaurant where I live in North Carolina that shall remain nameless that I’m never going back to because the service is just BRUTAL. And I’ve given them a couple of shots.

AskReddit users went on the record and revealed what brands, stores, restaurants, etc., made them say “never again.”

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1. That’s bad

“We bought a flea medicine from Hartz to use on our cat and she became lethargic and didn’t eat anything.

We took her to the vet and they told us that they have been trying to get that medicine off the shelves because of how it affects animals.

I was in a theater watching despicable me when my cat finally passed away.

It sucked knowing that my cat is dead because of some money-hungry brand who doesn’t care about the safety of the animals it gives its products to.”

2. Cable companies are the worst


A door-to-door salesman straight up lied to my dad, saying they had a four-DVR setup that would cost less than what we were paying AT&T. When the installation guy got there, he said that no, they didn’t have a four-DVR setup, he was told to give us the standard two-DVR setup.

Which was absolutely not something that would work in a house with six people with wildly different tastes in TV shows.

So my dad tells him never mind, we’re sticking with AT&T then, but because the Comcast guy had already installed our new cable box, he couldn’t take it back with him, so we had to mail it back to Comcast ourselves.

The kicker is, five years later Comcast tried to bill my parents for the cable box, saying we never sent it back. My parents insisted they did, and Comcast wanted the UPS receipt, which obviously we no longer had because it was five years ago and we hadn’t heard anything from them before this.

So my parents refused to pay, Comcast sent a collections company after us, and when my parents explained the situation to the collection company, they were like “those f*ckers, we’ll take care of this.” That was, thankfully, the end of it.”

3. Avoid at all costs

“If I see something is being shipped by OnTrac, I’ll cancel. The three times they were the delivery company from Amazon, they lost one package completely and tried to say it wasn’t their fault. The second package was also deemed lost but then showed up on my door step something like six weeks later.

The third time it sat on “shipping label created” for a week and I just contacted Amazon and canceled the package. You don’t find a lot of positive reviews out there and any positive ones you do find seem like they were written by the company via a fake account.”

4. Jiffy Lube

“Jiffy Lube.

Those idiots told me my car has no filter! I’m pretty sure they just didn’t want to take it out. They also said my car takes a “special European oil” and charged a lot extra for it. It’s not a special oil at all.

It’s an uncommon oil but a gallon of it costs the same as typical oil. I’m going to stick with the dealership to get oil changed because it’s cheaper and they know what they’re doing.

5. It wasn’t me


They recently charged me a damage fee for damages I could not have plausibly caused. I sent statements explaining how it couldn’t have been me. They sent back a standardized statement and didn’t give me any additional information.

There is no phone line to talk to a representative. I sent them multiple follow up emails, which they never responded to.

Now I have to write a statement for my credit card company to dispute the charge.”

6. Never again


Purchased a $1000 sectional couch that was delivered with damaged upholstery.

They refused to let me return it and instead offered me 10% off my next purchase.

Yeah….. Never using that discount code.”

7. Ugggghhhhh

“I went to Dickeys Barbecue pit, their food isn’t amazing but I was craving southern food and my suburban town in California doesn’t have many options. So me and my girlfriend buy some sandwiches and have them for dinner, they’re cold and taste like salty sweat.

The next day I have uncontrollably sh**ting liquid s**t and vomiting multiple times an hour. If I was alone I would have gone to the emergency room but my dads a nurse and was there. I vomited something like 20 times in the whole day and kept dry heaving afterwards.

The diarrhea came so fast and uncontrolled that it ruined multiple pairs of underwear and a rug that was by the toilet (Why my dad has rugs in the bathroom I don’t know but I s**t on it when bent over the toilet). It took only a day for me to feel better and I was already eating heavy foods again, but lo and behold guess who comes over to see me well again and s**ts herself in my bathroom?

My girlfriend, the only other person who ate at Dickeys. So I spent the rest of the day, after having just s**t and vomited myself to death, helping my girlfriend when she was s**tting and vomiting. I think we’re closer to each other after that experience.”

8. Get in the zone…or don’t

“I bought an engine from AutoZone for a vehicle I owned.

They had a vendor build the engine, and it was supposed to ship to my house. I waited three weeks for it to arrive, but it never did. I contacted their store, was told that it hadn’t shipped yet and was coming via FedEx freight. I kept up with the tracking # but couldn’t get anywhere with it.

I kept calling back every couple of days to see what was going on, and no one could figure it out. I finally managed to find out that it had shipped via another company (RL freight), and had been delivered to somewhere else. It was like pulling teeth to get a refund on an engine I never received. It took another two weeks to get the refund.

I won’t buy a soda from AutoZone now.”

9. Nope


F*ck them. They waited several days after I placed an order for Mothers day to tell me that they wouldn’t be able to fulfill the order. They waited until the day before, putting me in a bad position.

Now I google my Moms ZIP, add flowers and have a few choices. I call the local shops directly and 1-800-flowers is cut out of the process.”

10. Harrassed


Got a credit card through them to buy a suit. My parents offered to pay the card off as a birthday present. Cue months of them calling me 5+ times a day, asking where the payment, that had already been made, was.

Harassing me to make more and larger payments. When it was finally payed off, they then tacked on a “completed payment fee” and never sent a bill, so the whole d*mn thing started all over. I was genuinely about to file a lawsuit over harassment or something.

It was unbelievable, because I would tell one person the payment was made, and then get 4 more calls the same day asking the same thing. Then rinse and repeat tomorrow.”

11. All fired up

“Spirit airlines.

Never again. F*ck them.

Flight from Vegas got canceled. They don’t even bother trying to put you on another flight, not only that you have to pay extra for the next flight available.

I told them they can go f*ck themselves and I want a refund, the customer service person told me he can refund me spirit credit, that’s when I lost it. After enough bi**hing, he gave me my money back to my credit card and I bought a flight on delta.”

12. Phantom charges


I was told that canceling my cable and internet services with them would cost me $50 to not return the modem and cable boxes. I didn’t care, as I would’ve had to mail them in and didn’t want to mess with the hassle, so I didn’t.

6 months later I find a $487 charge on my MasterCard and it was from AT&T. It was $150 per piece of equipment, and a $37 service charge (you know, charging me money for their hassle of having to charge me money).

I asked if I returned the equipment would they rescind the charges, they said yes, I returned the equipment and they refused to take off the charge.

I confirmed with them that they received the equipment and they said yes they did, but wouldn’t rescind the charges after all. I fought it up their chain of command as much as possible and even tried to fight it through MasterCard but they couldn’t do anything about it either.”

13. Don’t wanna mess with taxes

“Turbo Tax. Did my return, got a notice that my e-file needed to be corrected, logged back in to fix it and my return wasn’t there anymore. 6 hours on the phone with 3 tiers of tech support, each one trying exactly the same thing.

Finally they were just trying random s**t, so I tried random s**t in parallel, managed to get to my return with the invoice number from paying for the service WITHOUT logging in. Tried to get them to understand that this was a Very Bad Thing that they should report to someone… and they told me they had no access to anyone technical and no way to submit bugs.

This from the company that lobbied to make it illegal for the government to offer tax filing service.”

14. Tell us how you really feel

“Golden Corral.

That place is a festering pile of s**t.”

15. You have to take a stand

“Olive Garden.

First the meals got shi**y and I could deal with it, but then the Alfredo sauce did too and that’s where I draw the line.”

For me? It’s Chik-Fil-A. Because of political reasons. And I just don’t like chicken that much. So, you know, it’s not that bad.

But seriously just do your thing if you like them. I won’t judge.

How about you? Any of these businesses are a big “NOPE!” in your book?

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