15 People Share What They’d Ask the Devil for in Exchange for Their Soul


Have you ever thought about making a deal with the Devil? Beelzebub? The Big Man Down Below?

What would you ask for in exchange for your soul? Wealth? Fame? The ability to read minds? A lifetime supply of Smarties?

These AskReddit users revealed what they’d ask the Devil for in exchange for their immortal soul. The answers are pretty entertaining.

1. He went through with it!

“I’m now, finally, 6’4.

A life lived at 5’2 has its shortcomings. And they are legion.”

2. I don’t think he’ll go for it

“For upon my death for him to hand deliver my soul to Heaven.”

3. That’s a tall order

“The ability to shapeshift in to a Megalodon. If he won’t do that I’ll just keep my sh***y regular soul.”

4. Is this a Charlie Daniels song?

“An unbreakable, perpetually perfectly tuned fiddle and the best fiddle playing ability in existence.

Y’all know what comes next.”

5. Practical

“To forgive all student loans.

Quick sidebar story. A few years ago I used to work for a student loan company that is currently being sued for predatory practices. They pretty much forced us to tell the borrower to make bad decisions so the interest would go up. I worked there for like a month and it really felt like I was selling my soul to the devil. I would absolutely give my soul to the devil so that others don’t have to suffer through those egregious practices and screw their entire lives up over it.”

6. Interesting…

“His job.”

7. Appreciate the specificity here

“Unlimited supply of legal money.”

8. Seemingly generous

“For my S.O. to stop being allergic to literally everything I love so I can enjoy things without fear of killing him (nuts, most pets, etc.).”

9. Soul swap

“The soul of my wife. She’s the one who goes to church, doesn’t drink like I do and is nice to people.

Stop upvoting or try to get a piece of the soul of my wife. She just has explained that she plans to visit a different church because they now have forbidden to drink coffee and removed the coffee from the shared kitchen. So she is not that innocent and her soul is worth much less than I assumed. Even I might have to find a different soul now.”

10. Not asking too much

“A sane mind would be neat, please and thank you.”

11. Okay, kind of sad



“The power to make myself whatever I want with my imagination, including a soul.”

13. Good luck

“The power to flirt with girls and not come off as creepy.”

14. That’s your one wish?

“Chick Fil A on Sundays.”

15. Okay, that’s lovely

“I would wish for Dogs to have a longer lifespan. Would be happy to have my dog live a little longer.”