15 People Share Basic Rules of Etiquette That Get Broken Every Day

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Do you think that, as a society, we’ve progressed or regressed? I like to think we’re moving forward, but then I see a lot of behavior that is flat-out rude and it makes me wonder.

Judging by the answers from these AskReddit users, we have a lot of work to do.

1. A big one

“Let others off before you get on.”

2. Listen up

“Listen to the content of what other people are saying before replying.”

3. Amen

“Headphones aren’t optional in a public space. No one wants to hear your music or your video clips playing.”

4. Oblivious

“When walking with several friends on a sidewalk, pair up two by two instead of everyone walking in a row so others can pass you on the sidewalk.

I work on a university campus and college kids seem particularly oblivious to this.”

5. Do this everywhere

“Push your chair in when you stand up.”

6. A little fired up over this one

“Don’t park your fucking vehicle in front of driveways or garages. In my current job this is a daily problem, I assumed most people would know that its not cool, but I clearly overestimated the intellect of humanity on that one. Dicks.”

7. Just do it!

“Pick up your dog’s poop, even when it’s snowing. People seem to think it’s okay not to when it’s snowing because it will be covered up. Once that thaw comes around, it’s a sh*tshow.”

8. This drives me insane

“Littering, everyone knows its wrong and not in their long-term interest. But people do it anyway because of lack of bins, laziness, etc.”

9. Gross out

“Chew with your f*cking mouth closed unless you have some kind of issue where you cannot physically do so.”

10. Yes, you can

“Can I add slurping breakfast cereal and soup? I used to have to leave the room when my dad ate breakfast because of the slurping.”

11. Important stuff

“It’s ok to admit when you were wrong.

You don’t always have to have an opinion on everything. Saying “I don’t know” is fine.

Forgiving people goes a long way.”

12. Not their fault

“If you’re mad at a company for some transgression, don’t take your rage out on the customer service rep. Chances are, this person has people freaking out at them all day for things they have no control over.

Be kind to customer service people – they are likely having a crappy day.”

13. Look, but don’t touch

“Don’t touch people unless they say it’s ok.
Don’t touch people’s pets unless they say it’s ok (and don’t complain if you do it anyway and get bit by a nervous animal).”

14. People are disgusting

“Don’t piss all over the toilet seats of public bathrooms.”

15. Common courtesy

“When staying as a guest with friends/family , pick up after yourself. help clean the dishes, offer to buy them a meal or some beer to say thank you.”

Well then, I hope you learned something, yes?

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